The Bachlorettes REVIEW

May 29, 2011

Part 1-
I-C Academy is where it all begins. Stellaluna Hope has reached her destiny in life, ruined. Moving in with her Aunt Slone; scared. Meeting Bleu Saget and finding out Bengal is in love with him, terrible. These are a few of Stella’s new predicaments. Life in London wasn’t as bad as this, but that’s the past. This is her future, I-C Academy, and she can’t turn back.
Part 2-
Stella has yet faced all of her problems. After the treacherous breakup with Stella and Dylan, it caused an effect. Stella realizes her best friend lied to her and blamed her of flirting. It’s not true, it’s worse. When will this nightmare ever end? Bleu Saget has yet to come back in the picture with a girlfriend. The worst part is Zofard is starting a foreign exchange program and when your friends mad at you, she may not come back. Then you get your old pals back from Zofard.

Part 3-

If you’ve ever met an old flame then you’ve rolled into Stella’s life. Aunt Slone says no, Bleu says yes. The only question is what does Stella say? When Stella has to fend for herself she wishes her last year of middle school was less complicated. Over the past six months it’s been torture, knowing Bleu Saget. When he changes his mind; so does Bengal. It’s the fact that Bengal might be reconsidering Bleu. The only random part is Stella has to choose. The choice is between four wonderful boys. One will remain victorious and the others, not so much.

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