May 29, 2011
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Molly : Katie, I want some more silly bands!
Katie : I don't think your mom would like it if your babysitter went out and bought you even more silly bands!
Molly : I want to be able to fill both my arms and legs.
Katie : That would cut off your limbs.
Katie : how would that be cool at all?
Molly : Now boys would like me!
Katie : No I think that would make them not even look at you.
( a cell phone rings )
Katie : Hello?
Billy : Where are you?
Katie : Why dose it mater?
Billy : I'm am coming to get you!
Molly : Is every thing ok Katie?
Katie : Yes every thing is ok , go up to bed and ill tuck you in soon ok.
Molly : Ok.
Billy : Why where you not at home this morning?
Katie : Because I left you Billy!
Billy : There is no way in hell that you would ever leave me!
Katie : Well it just happened!
( Katie hangs up her cell phone. She runs up stairs to tuck Molly in. there is a knock on the front door. )
Molly : Who do you think it is?
Katie : I don't know Molly. I'll be right back.
Stay here!
Molly : Ok
( Katie goes down the stairs slowly. She opens the door )
Katie : How did you find me?
Billy : Because we where meant for each other Katie!
Katie : No Billy never again!
Billy : Please I love you!
Katie : No!
Billy : But ( Katie cuts him off)
Katie : NO! (Katie slams the door in his face. Katie runs to the phone and calls the cops )
The police officer : How may I help you?
Katie : My ex boyfriend is out side the house I baby sit at.
The police officer : Are there any kids in the house?
Katie : There is only one and she is up stairs.
The police officer : Make sure you both are up stairs away from windows.
Katie : Ok are you all going to be here soon?
The police officer : Yes we will stay calm!
Katie : Ok thank you!
( Katie runs up stairs to get Molly )
Molly : What’s going on Katie?
Katie : Everything is going to be all right but right now we need to hind ok!
Molly : Ok.
( Katie pulls Molly into her closet )
Katie : ( in hushed tone ) Be quite!
Molly : ( just shakes her head )
Billy : I'm going to find you Katie!
( Billy sees flashing lights outside the window )
Billy : Oh crap!
The police officer : Come out with your hands up!
( Billy walks into Molly's room and hears Molly sneeze )
Billy : I'm going to find you!
( Billy swings open the closet and grabs Molly and puts a gun to her head )
Billy : I've got a hostage! You come in and I kill her!
The police officer : Ok we will not come in as long as you don't hurt anyone!
( Katie has a chance to get outside the bad room and lock herself in the hall bathroom )
Katie : Hello?
Molly's mom : Katie , is there something wrong?
Katie : Yes, my ex boyfriend found me at your house broke in and has a gun to Molly's head!
Molly's mom : Are the police there?
Katie : Yes , please come home now!
Molly's mom : Ok I'm on my way.
Katie : Thank you!
( The police officers break in the front door and run up the stairs)
Billy : I told you not to came in here!( Billy shots the gun and Molly falls to the ground)
Katie : No!
The police officers : Your going to jail ! Call a paramedic!
Molly's mom : NO!
( The paramedics put Molly on a gurney and take her to
the hospital )
Molly's mom : I'll meat you at the hospital!
Katie : I'm so sorry , it's all my fault, I opened the door ( Molly's mom cuts her off )
Molly's mom : No it's not and it's ok.
( Molly's mom get's into her car and drives to the hospital )
The Doctor at the hospital : I'm so sorry but Molly's dead Mrs. English.
Mrs. English : ( she starts to cry. Katie arrives at the hospital and starts to cry after she sees Mrs. English crying )

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Odessa_Sterling00 said...
Jun. 28, 2011 at 11:44 am
Well, this story didn't show very much of any emotion, besides the crying at the end.  Why would she just leave the door unlocked and why would the boyfriend have a gun and why would she run away from the child she was supposed to be taking care of when it's got a gun pointed at it's head and why would she call someone during all this?  This whole story didn't add up very much and I'm sorry to say, I didn't like it at all.
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