A Road of Agony

June 9, 2011
By SLE1030 SILVER, El Cajon, California
SLE1030 SILVER, El Cajon, California
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A Road of Agony
As the she briskly strolled down the dirt road, the wind gently wisped the tail of her dress and her golden mane caressed her flawless face. Her mind wandered endlessly until her eyes caught sight of the faint smoke rising from a distance chimney. This was something she often watched, that small cabin beneath a canopy of large pine trees with a constant smoke released from an ever-blazing fire. The owner was no stranger but rather the man she had once held dear. He was a tall man, built to run a working household single-handedly, and was no eye sore to anyone who gazed upon godly figure. The rising puffs of gray were only reminders of what she had lost and as her pace started slowing, the sun hid behind the great mountain leaving her surrounded in darkness. A faint light of the burning fire was all she could see, she knew he still loved her and would always be her guiding light. She softly cried and meandered home feeling the sorrows of what could have been.

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