“I see a UFO!"

June 7, 2011
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I heard a story about a friend of my classmate, and I’d like to tell you.
It happened some days ago. When school time was over at 5:00 pm, a boy who is 17 came out of school with his bike. The sky was becoming darker, and in the western sky, the red clouds floating with silk pattern. What a charming view! Suddenly, a shining flight went through the clouds. Against the red and yellow background made by the sky, it looked bright. The flying object flied straight, and it turned to the sky further. Seeing that, the boy was inspired, “I see a UFO in the sky! I must send a message about it to the National Observation Station!” He rides home swiftly.
Getting home, he threw his bag on the table, and rushed to his computer. He typed on the keyboard rapidly. He wrote:
“When I went out of our school’s gate, I happened to observe a unknown flying object going through the clouds, with red light shining. In my opinion, the object should be an amazing flying object driven by aliens.”
After describing the features of the UFO, he sent the message to the Nation Observation. The observation replied him at that night. They said,
“Good boy, talent boy! Your discovery is quite essential for us. We will send your discovery to some big media station, and let other people know you immediately! Maybe you will be a Nobel Prize owner in the future!”
The boy was very delighted to read it. He never knew he would be so important for an observation, where so many talent astronomers and physicists work. Suddenly, when he read “We will send your discovery to some big media station, and let other people know you immediately”, he believed that he would be famous in no time! Since childhood, being famous was his dream. And then, it seemed his dream would come true.
As expected, his deed was spread widely. So many people, so many media companies in so many countries reported his discovery—No, exactually, the process of how he saw the UFO. Newspapers in France reported, “Il est un talent!” Magazines in Germany claimed “Er ist ein talent junge mann!” … All they said was “He is a talent boy”. All media seemed to sing anthem to the boy. His scientific spirit was so sophisticate!
To let people have a closer talk with the talent, the middle school he studied in held a meeting for him. On the one hand, it was a good opportunity to allow more reporters learn about him; On the other hand, it could also spread the fame of the middle school. It was said that the day the meeting held, the famous media in the nation sent many reporters to the school. My classmate also has no idea about what the content of the meeting. However, from the reports shown on the websites some days later, we could infer that in the meeting, the headmaster of his school must have given out many exaggerated words.
But I remember since one day, the all anthems for the boy stopped. Such a sudden end made me puzzled. I did not know the reason until yesterday, when I read a post which was written by a pilot on his blog. The pilot is a staff in a national airline company. He wrote,
”As a matter of fact, the UFO was the airplane which was driven by me then…“
The dynamic praise for the talent boy stopped in the end like that. Was it provident for the boy? Are there still many talent people like him?

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