Things Happen For A Reason

May 26, 2011
By Melissa Whalen BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Melissa Whalen BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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“Look here they come”, Pat said to me. I swiveled around in my chair and could see them walking in together. My heart sank in my chest. This would happen every time now I saw the two of them together. With a bit of jealousy should I add? I wanted to dislike them both, but deep down I knew they deserved each other. They sat down next to me at the end of the table after they walked in. Bright smiles flashed across their faces. I knew what had just happened and so did everyone else. Brianne who came in with them sat directly next to me. I think Pat asked them, “So tell us how it happened?” although he already knew.

I hoped “he” couldn’t tell from my eyes the signs of regret I kept hidden. I didn't care that he could be happy with this girl. Making things worse we were all kind of friends but it was awkward at times when hanging out. Once all three, including Brianne, had liked him. I’m certain he knew that Brianne liked him at one point but he asked her to help him ask our other friend out, which was awkward. Brianne had told Christina, another friend of ours, about the two of them. She told Brianne she was surprised. Although we all spent time around one another she couldn’t picture them together. As much as I wanted what Christina said to be true, it didn’t make a difference in them being together. I just hoped that he could feel like that with me too, maybe happier. Regret filled my mind. If I could just go back a few months, I could learn to not be so shy, and reverse this whole situation. Thinking of the impossible made myself angrier. I had heard from my friends that we were a good match for each other. It was my friends that filled my mind with hope and now they didn’t care that I had been disappointed. I would learn to accept this situation eventually. It's strange the way things turn out but I believe everything happens for a reason.

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