May 13, 2011
She picks up the little perfume bottle off the ground. Someone dropped this, she opens her mouth to yell to the girl who let it lose, but nothing except a slight breath escapes out of her mouth. She slowly brings the bottle up, holds it to her chest, and looks around seeing if anyone suspects anything of her. She walks down the nearest alley, one squished between a pawn shop and CVS. Slowly taking the cap off of the mini striped bottle, she conscientiously pushes down the nozzle and the sweet smelling spray litters her body. She breathes in deeply but the feeling isn’t long lasting. Soon her old odor is traded in, and the perfume did little help to her. The stench that radiates off her body is unbearable. The sun is starting to set, so she slips the perfume back into her pocket. Slowly she cowers back to her dwelling under the overpass, the mini striped bottle stinging at the fibers of her tattered coat pocket.

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