May 13, 2011
By emilynoyer BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
emilynoyer BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about.

I get off the plane my ears hurting from the pressure rising so fast (this happens every time we start descending in an airplane). I walk over to a chair to sit down next to my mom. I think to myself we’re here! We are actually here! We made it! I was very excited. We waited patiently for my aunt to come pick us up. I look all around the airport. It is very big. There are not too many people, considering it is 11:00 at night. I see a man sitting on a bench next to the door. He looks like he is waiting for someone. He pulls out his laptop then quickly types something. My mom and I decide to go outside and wait. I expected it to be cold but it is surprisingly very warm. I look up to see the sky. I don’t see any stars because of all the lights but I see palm trees all over. There is a slight breeze the palm trees move a little. I look all around there are about five taxi's picking someone up. My aunt comes finally and picks us up. I haven’t really met her before because my mom's side of the family mostly lives in Peru, she just recently moved to California. I am so excited. I see the lights as we are driving. I see limos pull up to fancy hotels. We finally pull up to a very nice neighborhood. The houses have Terra Cotta roofs with the wavy shingles on them. It looks like a Spanish home. There is a warm breeze as we step out of the car and get our stuff. I take my stuff upstairs to the guest room. I unpack my things into and dark brown colored dresser. I am so tired I immediately get my pajamas, brush my teeth and go to bed. I lay awake thinking wow I’m actually about 2,000 miles away from home. I have no idea what we are doing tomorrow, but I hope it has something to do with the ocean. I wake up. I look at the clock, Five-Thirty California Time. I think to myself, its jet lag. I wonder how long it’s going to take for me to get used to the time. I try to fall asleep, but I can't. I just lay there, think about all the palm trees and what the beach looks like. I finally fall asleep. I wake up the next morning and get ready for the beach. We get there and almost no body one is there. I figured more people would come as the day goes on. I set my stuff down and look around. It was just as I imaged. The crystal clear water, the pure white sand, the warm sun beating down. I looked out to the water and all I could see was pure ocean. I looked to my left and I saw a cave. I went to see what it looked like. The height of it was about 20ft and the width was about 15ft it was pretty big. There were some algae on the rock wall from the waves when there was high tide. I just sat there and looked out to the ocean for about ten minutes. I thought to myself that this is where I want be in the future. I finally get up. I step just out of reach of the waves. I step a little closer. Now the waves are going up to my ankles. I take another step. I sniff the air and smell the faint smell of salt from the ocean. The foam from the ocean tickling my feet as I stood there. There was a clear blue sky, with not a cloud in it. I take a few more steps into the water. Now the water is up to my knees. I feel the coldness of the water. I want to go back to the safety of my towel on the beach, but I force myself to go farther. I take more steps and now the cold, Pacific Ocean is up to my waist. From there I go in all thee way and start swimming. I am so glad I went in. It was so much fun, but the water was a little cold. After a little bit of swimming I go back to the surface and instead of going into the waves I try to get as close to them with put getting wet then running away so they don't crash on to me. I dry off and we go back to my aunt's house.
My aunt asked, “Did you have fun?"

I replied, “That was awesome! Are we going again?"

"We'll see", said my aunt.
After that I go to bed. I wake up the next day and go downstairs. I eat breakfast and get ready. We are going to San Diego. I always hear that San Diego is so beautiful and amazing. The car ride was really long though. It was three hours long. When we got there the sun was beating down hard, the sea gulls where singing and I heard the waves lapping the shore. I ran to the beach and set my stuff down. The beach was crowded with a bunch of people. I didn’t really care. I had an awesome time there. By the time we were done swimming it was 7:00pm and we still had that long car ride home. I just think to myself I can't believe I’m here; it’s too bad we are leaving in two days. I wonder what we are doing tomorrow. We get to my aunt’s house. I am VERY exhausted. I go to my room and flop on the bed. I think to myself wait... I have always wanted to see California at night. I open my window and let a warm breeze in. I just look at all the lights and the stars in the sky. I see an airplane pass over head. The grass as green as can be. There is something about California that just stands out from all the other states. I close the window and fall into a deep sleep. The next two days go by as fast as a tornado. Before I know it I'm on my way back home. California is a place I will never forget.

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