Missing December

May 24, 2011
By Micfly BRONZE, Ashville, Ohio
Micfly BRONZE, Ashville, Ohio
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When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

Have you ever seen the lights go out in an animals eyes?
On a farm you see all sorts of life come and go as they please. But watching the life leave Judy Girl, was the hardest thing to ever encounter. Judy Girl used to be my Grandmother's horse, Judy Girl died when she was forty two. Horses normally live up till they're thirty. Judy Girl was special, she used to be a famous race horse with my Grandma. Although when life leaves it doesn't always leave without giving you a gift. That gift Judy Girl gave us, was a dapple gray filly. The weird thing was she had blue eyes, and she reminded me of December,

I gazed down at the little filly pouncing in her mother's stall. It was a quarter past midnight, and the rickety old white barn was creaking with rat coons. I hated being in the barn at night. I always thought some man was going to blast open the maple doors, and kill me with a chainsaw. That or get bitten by a rabid rat coon. The rabid rat coon is probably more realistic though.

I rubbed my eyes sluggishly. I was going to miss Judy Girl, she was actually the leader of the horse herd in the back pasture. The horses in the back pasture always made a bunch of noise, but tonight they were quiet. Almost like they were honoring her. My Grandpa's tractor hummed to life, as he began to bury Judy Girl. Out of the blue, I heard a horse sneeze. The little dapple gray filly nuzzled her dainty little legs over to me. As if begging with her bug eyes, I sighed as I stroked her forehead.

"You know it's not your fault," I said to her.
Yes it's true, Judy Girl died giving birth to this little young lady here.


I look to my right from the corner of my eye, it's Miles and Dustin. I feel a cool sensation leave my face. It trickled down my chin, and lands into a puddle below me.

"Oh don't cry, Nicole," Miles soothed.

I'm soon greatly embraced by my uncle who's my age, Miles. Dustin just stayed back. Once Miles pulled away, I ruffled his shaggy blond hair.

"I'm fine, Miles," I teased.
Miles and I really act like brother and sister a lot.

"You know my Grandpa gave Judy Girl to your Grandma when they were friends."

I twisted my body around like my heart, to see Dustin tensing to hold back the tears. I moved my feet toward him, until before I knew it I'm in front of him, with my hand on his shoulder.

"I know. You trained Judy Girl for my Grandma, up till your Grandpa died from Judy Girl bucking him off of her," I choked.

"It wasn't Judy Girl's fault, Nicole. I heard Grandpa tell me in the last seconds of his life, that a cougar spooked the throughbred."

My eyes widened at the intensity his eyes were watching mine. He was hurting, and I knew it. Lightning could catch the hole world on fire, and he wouldn't have even noticed it. In the blink of an eye, Dustin started to sob. I beckoned Miles over and we wrapped him in a hug, as we stumbled for the farm house.

Seasons come and go, you a pinch of time and four years have passed.
I stood before the four year old filly, dashing with the herd behind her. Spring filled my nose , like the sharp crash of pearl white waves. The grass danced under my bare feet, as my toes wiggled. I couldn't help but think how anything could rune the day.

"Dazzling isn't she? I wonder how much the glue factories would pay for her."

"Stop it! She isn't going to a glue factory!" I collided my knuckles with Dustin's gut in a matter of seconds. "Glue factory people just steal horses to make a couple of quick bucks," I stated.

Dustin leaned off the fence with me, and nodded. The wind racked our hair, while the birds sung their millions of songs.

After a few moments Dustin murmured,"There are some business men here to see December."

I look at his death by chocolate eyes and whispered, " What for? She's mine."

Dustin grinned, "Don't worry, they probably just want to nominate her for a race horse... Unless they're glue factory people to-"

I shoved him away, and storm to the pasture to prepare December.
December was literally sparkling by the time my brush did the final stroke. Her blue eyes shine like ice, as she began to count with her hooves in the dirt. I climbed onto her back without a saddle, zip, nada. Time to show Grandma what we're made of. when we entered the arena I gripped the reins, as I positioned my feet on her hips.

The so called business men were pale like ghosts in suits. Grandma was beaming at the sight of us, with her silver hair pinned up in a bun. Miles brushed away his shaggy blond hair from his face, as he gave me a cheesy smile. Dustin graciously swung the gate fence open for us, and we flew in. Feeling the movement of her body is as if I'm feeling the ocean lift me up, and glide me down. Her breath heaves, like the tractor purring awake. Our eye sight sharpened as the first jump came into view. I moved up and down, to keep balance on her. December's gallops soon stop, and we soared through the air, as if we both sprouted wings. Wind splashed in my face, as we landed. Our since of freedom abruptly stopped. I slung my bruised legs off of December, as I heard my family and friends clapping for me. But as I limped to them, I heard the business men whisper,"How much do you think she'll want for us to take the horse to the glue factory?"

The author's comments:
I love animals, friends, and family. I have two horses on my grandparents farm named Dream and Lucky. I plan to major in an animal study when I grow up, but I'm still not certain. Though my passion to write will always be certain.

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