Dream Dress!

May 24, 2011
“I can’t wait for this weekend” said Haila. It was almost the end of the year and Haila and Cherefah had to go shopping for some dresses for graduation. Graduation was just a week away Haila and Cherefah haven’t even started shopping.
“I don’t know how I should do my hair” said Cherefah. “Should I curl it or straighten it or should I put it all up and half down or all down?”
“I am curling my hair” said Haila “and putting it all to the side.”
“What color dress are you going to get?” said Haila.
“I am thinking about getting a pink poufy dress.”
“Well I am thinking of getting a blue long dress” said Haila.

It was a Saturday morning the day Haila and Cherefah were going to buy their dresses. When they got to the mall they went to a lot of places Cherefah found her dream dress pink and poofy. But sadly Haila didn’t. In and out of the stores but she just couldn’t find it. So they gave up and said they would come some other time. Haila was really bummed out about it. As they were walking to the exit Haila saw the most beautiful dress and it was exactly how she wanted it. But the price was way off her bought. Her mom couldn’t pay anymore then one hundred dollars so Haila went home.

Haila really wanted that dress but didn’t have enough so she decided to get a job. She got five dollars a day. Graduation was just a week away and five dollars was nothing. So she started selling things she owned. She sold things that she loved. But she didn’t care all she wanted was her dream dress. She sold a lot of things but she was still 75 dollars short. So her best friend Cherefah told her she will give her the money. At first Haila wouldn’t take the money but Cherry aka (Cherefah) insisted on giving her the money and Cherry also told Haila that the money was from her dress money. So Haila took the money with no guilt. It was a Tuesday night which means Haila only has one day to get her dress. Sixth period passed (ring) (ring). It was seventh period Haila just couldn’t wait to get her dream dress. Her mom is picking her and Cherry up from school and going straight to the mall.

“Haila you’re so hyper” said Cherefah.
“I just can’t wait for everyone to see me in that dress we are going to look so good on graduation day ahhh” screamed Haila. “All the girls are going to be jealous of us.”
"Don’t forget the boys are going to drool over us.” As Haila got out the car she started to run straight to where she found her dream dress a week ago. When she got to were she found it she wasn’t happy. The big grin on her face faded away.
“What’s wrong?” said Haila's mom.
“It’s the wrong color”
“well maybe they have a blue one inside” said hailas mom worriedly. “Do you have that same dress in blue?”
“I am not sure wait here let me see if we do” said the lady. As the lady was walking back Haila was wishing in her head “please, please have the dress”
“Lucky for you we have one last on but I am not sure if it’s your size”
“I will squeeze in if I have to” said Haila. “It’s perfect!”
“We are going to look the best!”

When they got home Haila invited Cherefah to sleep over. Cherry asked her mom she said yes. Since all of Cherry’s stuff was home she and Haila went over to her house to get her stuff. They were so happy that tomorrow was graduation; they couldn’t wait. They did each others nails. Haila did blue French tips to go with her dress. Cherefah did pink to go with her dress. They stayed up all night talking. They set the alarm for six. They didn’t have to get there until nine, but they had to wake up early to get ready on time. When they finished they yelled to Haila's mom, “Hurry up I don’t want to be late!” When they got there they rushed to their friends.
“Ahhh you guys look great” yelled Afrah, Haila and Cherefah's friend.
“Thanks you too!” All the boys were looking at them
(whistle) (whistle) “You girls look hot” yelled a group of cute boys.
“Thanks you guys look nice too” said Haila and Cherefah. As they walked down the stage they waved to their friends and family. They had the best time ever.

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