May 24, 2011
By AmillamissPriscilla GOLD, Randolph, Maine
AmillamissPriscilla GOLD, Randolph, Maine
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Study hall is awful! You are eaten away by the annoying silence, and forced to feel alone without anyone to talk to; not that I would have anyone to talk to anyway. I would much rather be in math. There is only one answer to every problem. If you add 1 to 553 you will always get the answer 554. There are no other solutions. It is simple, unlike life. So here I am in study hall with nothing to do; no homework, no friends, no life.

My mom says I am ultra-sensitive. I don’t think she understands. High school is like this never ending vortex of: hate, drama, gossip, textbooks, and teen romance; and it is all being sent towards me. It is like millions of bullets at a shooting range and I am the target. See my mom was miss popular, the lead cheerleader, strait A student, and she dated the captain of the football team: my dad. She had everything; you know that stereotypical life that Hollywood tries to sell you. They were the evil, perfect, know-it-all, kids who played Hitler and the school was their nazi followers out to isolate, and slowly destroy anyone who didn’t wear designer brands or worship Jersey Shore.

I am one of the many “outcasts” that my school just loves to hate. I have learned to live in my books and know as much as I possibly can so I can get out of this
death-hole by junior year. Right now I am the only freshman who is enrolled in college classes. (Just in case college is worse) I have to get as much in as possible so I can go become some crazy chemist or something. Maybe I will just drop out next year and work at the “Golden Arches” making $8.50 an hour for the rest of my worthless life.

Did I mention stereotypes suck? I am looked at like, “That smart, hipster chick who wears the oversized band t’s and bright red lipstick.” In high-school your rep. dictates your life. You don’t choose your social path. That's right, I am telling you everything the cheep speakers that come to your school say is all a lie; that the school pays them to pound junk in your heads. (The funny part is that 50% of you will still buy into what the speakers say after reading this.) Who cares though? To be honest, I would much rather be a “nobody” over one of the shallow “somebodies” who run the schools like they are Kim Jong-Il and the halls are North Korea. “You can’t wear that; it isn’t name-brand!” or, “Don’t watch that; it isn’t on MTV!” “ All hail our mighty leaders, may I never disobey your solemn word!” Isn’t that a load of bologna! As far as I am concerned I like to practice the first amendment.

Maybe I should collect some other nobodies and start a revolution at this school. We can be supportive and kind to everyone, or at least we can understand everyone is different and we aren’t all destined to be a bleach blond beauty. We are all beautiful in our neon, nerdy, ways. Who cares about be the image of perfect. We are all perfect in our odd ways. True perfection doesn’t come from hate and shallowness, it comes from the ability to love yourself and be everything you are supposed to be with no regrets or sorrow. Perfect is a personal opinion. Perfect doesn’t exist, yet it rules the world. Don’t strive to be perfect. Strive to be you. You are perfect.

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