Delivery of Change

May 12, 2011
By tha23kidd BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
tha23kidd BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
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Ben can see the sun setting as the ominous clouds start to move in. He grabs the white stapled bag off the counter and rushes out of the back door.

“Just my luck.” he proclaims, as the rain begins to wet his head and shoulders.
It seems like these kinds of things are constantly happening to Ben, for what reason, nobody knows. Quickly he hops into his eighty-nine Nissan, his car since high school, and turns the key to the beautiful calming hum. He looks down at the bag checking the address.
3100 Ousdahl, not bad.
With a quick move of the shifter he is off on his way.
Jayhawk radio plays quietly as he swerves down Ousdahl; he has to get there fast.
“Learn to drive,” he screams as someone pulls into his lane.
Why didn’t I take the back way?
His eyes wander again towards the bag in his passenger seat as thousands of questions start rushing through his head.
Will it get there in time?, Will it still be fresh?, Will I get a good tip?, but none of these questions could be answered, for now. He shakes it off realizing he need to focus more on the road. His life is more important than this bag.
The knock sends him across the lane.
“What the h*ll was that?” he screams.
As he steps out of his door and closes it with a screech his question is answered. Hundreds of pieces of rubber are littered in a line leading to his rear passenger tire. Just then it hit Ben what had happened.
“D*mn pot hole, you finally got me.”
In a frightened frenzy he starts pulling everything out of his trunk. Seconds later he pulls out his spare and lets it bounce on the pavement below him.
Now to find that jack.
Without the jack his spare is useless, he can not help but start to slightly panic. Thirty minutes later he realizes he needs to ask someone for assistance.
Arms wailing he lets out a belting, “Someone please help me!”
Not two seconds later a green Plymouth pulls over to the side. A young man steps out and begins to walk towards Ben.
“What seems to be the problem?” he asks.
“Do you not see the rubber around you? I have a flat tire. I have a spare but no jack.”
“Oh no problem,” he said, “I have one in the trunk, give me just a sec.”
He comes out from behind his car smiling.
“Found it!” he says excitingly.
“Thanks bro thank you so much.” Ben said, “I don’t know what I would have done if you wouldn’t have pulled over to help. Not to mention I’m kinda in a hurry.”
Ben grabs ahold of the jack handle, with every movement of his hand the little Nissan begins to lift off the ground.
“This rain sure isn’t helping anything,” Ben says.
“I second that.”
“Some days I wish it wasn’t my job to be out here driving.” Ben said
“What is it you do?”
“Well,” Ben said, “I work for Jimmy Johns. It’s my job to bring people food even when they’re too lazy to go get it for themselves.”
“I’m sorry”
“No I’m sorry, I’m just upset with the tire and all, not your fault man.”
“Oh, well if you’re done I’d better be going, don’t wanna be late. The kids might worry.”
“Okay,” Ben said, “maybe I will see you again someday and thanks again for letting me use the jack.”
Ben steps inside his car and begins to drive away.
What a nice guy, Ben thought, Why can’t our customers be that nice?
He glances down at the ticket again.
Only one block away now.
Finally he sees the number 3100. His heart beat begins to slow as he can finally start to relax. With a glance toward the driveway a green flash passes his eye.
Huh, he thinks, I know I have seen that car before.
His hands reach towards the bag that has caused him all this trouble; happy to almost be done with it. Only five more feet and he would be rid of this problem. He places his feet onto the pavement and begins to make his way to the cracked yellow door.
Knock Knock Knock!
The sound echoes in Ben’s head as he pounds on the door. He hears footsteps coming towards the door.
“Well hello again!” the man exclaims.
“Hello! Nice to see you again,” Ben said
“Here you go, and here’s five for a tip.”
“Thanks bro,” Ben said, “and here’s the food you ordered. You know I went through a whole h*ll of a lot to get it here.”
They both let out a loud laugh.
“By the way my name is Luke.”
“Nice to meet you bro, mine is Ben”
They chatted for a couple minutes before Ben realized he should probably head back to work. He drove away from that delivery different than all others; this time he actually had a smile on his face.
“Maybe they aren’t so bad after all.”

The author's comments:
I have worked at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sub Sandwiches since I turned fourteen four years ago. I was inspired to write this piece by a co-worker of mine. He always has some kind of crazy story after he gets back from one of his deliveries. I came to the conclusion I would write a little adventure about Ben on the job.

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