The Pyramid's of Love

May 21, 2011
By bigdreamsbigheart PLATINUM, Ypsilanti, Michigan
bigdreamsbigheart PLATINUM, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Shane is walking the tour of the Pyramids of Giza with his family. When he accidentally bumps into one of the most beautiful girls that he has seen in a while. Of course to ruin the moment he accidentally knocks her IPod on the ground and that end up starting a conversation as he picks up the IPod and dusts it off.

Shane: I’m so sorry!

Cassidy: It’s okay…I’m really good at balancing anyways

Shane: I’m guessing you’re a classical dancer than?

Cassidy: (She laughs) Why do you say that?

Shane: Dancers are good at balancing aren’t they?

Cassidy: I’m sure but no I’m not.

Shane: And the other reason is because your Ipod is on a classical play list. I saw that when I picked it up.

Cassidy: Well no I am no dancer. But I bet some day I could be. But classical music I absolutely love.

Shane: Sorry I never got your name?

Cassidy: It’s Cassidy.

Shane: Nice too meet you Cassidy. I’m Shane.

Cassidy: Nice to bump into you too.

Shane: So if you don’t mind me asking which composer is your favorite?

Cassidy: Um I would have to say Beethoven. I like all, but he’s my favorite.

Shane: That’s cool.

Cassidy: Why do you like classical music?

Shane: (He laughs) Nah, not really. It’s not my type.

Cassidy: You say that like it’s bad.

Shane: No I’m just more into…

Cassidy: (She interrupts) Rap and Hip-Hop?

Shane: Yeah…It’s my walk up music. I am more of a rap and techno guy though.

Cassidy: What are you a basketball player or a baseball star?

Shane: Neither. I’m a fighter. Well actually a fighter.

Cassidy: Oh…You’re one of those guys.

Shane: What is that suppose to mean?

Cassidy: You’re one of those guys that are egotistical, and only care about his body, and his stupid walk up music.

Shane: Come on. It’s not stupid. If it were classical music you wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Cassidy: You’re damn right I wouldn’t.

Shane: So you can’t say walk up music is stupid because if it were you walking up there you would want classical. Even though that would sound horrible.

Cassidy: That wouldn’t sound horrible you would actually be more sophisticated.

Shane: Oh yeah? Well Miss. Sophistication what do you do for a living?

Cassidy: I would tell you but than I would have to kill you.

Shane: Seriously?

Cassidy: Yeah. With classical music.

Shane: No, I mean your really not going to tell me?

Cassidy: I guess it’s a mystery. But if you guess I’ll tell you if you’re right.

Shane: Let’s see… You’re an artist? You work in theaters? You’re a student teacher? You play the piano?

Cassidy: Nope. Not even close. Never, I can’t stand kids either. And I never learned to play the piano but I wanted to.

Shane: So than what do you do than Miss. Mystery Classical Girl That I Just Met?

Cassidy: I’m a bartender.

Shane: No way!

Cassidy: Yep.

Shane: How do you bartend and like classical music?

Cassidy: You’re very stereotypical.

Shane: I mean seriously how can you do that for a job and like soft classical music?

Cassidy: Well bartending has always been a fun job but they guys at the job are always rowdy. And they always hit on me so it’s very uncomfortable so when I need to get in my zone. Where no one can bug me I play classical music. It soothes me.

Shane: Huh. That makes a lot of sense.

Cassidy: You know how life is confusing?

Shane: Yeah.

Cassidy: Well classical music is the one thing that I’ve really understood. Because there is no words in the music. So it’s not like an artist is trying to define your story. You write your own.

Shane: That actually sounds kind of soothing.

Cassidy: Here what kind of beat do you like?

Shane: What do you mean?

Cassidy: Well for classical it’s actually tempo. But do you like fast music? Or do you like slow?

Shane: Let’s go with fast.

Cassidy: Okay listen to this. And think of something that has made you angry, and make this song the background music to that one thing that makes you mad.

(He listens to the song)

Shane: It actually is kind of cool. Like I feel more relaxed.

Cassidy: See I told you.

Shane: I’m not saying I like it.

Cassidy: You do like it! I know you do.

Shane: No I don’t. I said it was cool because it does calm you down.

Cassidy: Sure. Just wait. It’s going to be your walk up music next.

Shane: (He laughs) I don’t think so. But nice try.

Cassidy: I tried my best.

Shane: Sorry your best wasn’t good enough.

(Shane’s family get’s ready to move to the next pyramid while Cassidy is getting ready to leave.)

Shane: Well the family is leaving. So I got to go.

Cassidy: Yep.

Shane: Well it was nice to meet you.

Cassidy: Yeah you too.

Shane: Look out for me on those fights at the bars.

Cassidy: I’ll cross my fingers hoping you choose classical music.

Shane: Good. Than you’ll at least be thinking about me.

Cassidy: (She laughs) Goodbye big shot.

Shane: Goodbye Miss. Classical Music

The author's comments:
This is a dialouge that I wrote for my creative writing class. It was between a boxer and a bartender at the Pyrimads of Giza.

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