May 17, 2011
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Amelia strolls out of study hall, glancing left nonchalantly. Using her peripheral vision, she assesses the situation. Rob is following closely after her. He wonders to himself how a girl can be beautiful, smart, confident, and humble at the same time.

Around her small, ladylike shoulders, Rob's arm lounges playfully. Amelia simply keeps walking, neither welcoming the muscular arm draped about her shoulders or encouraging the removal of it. Rob's magic hands begin to tickle the inside of Amelia's armpits. She giggles, resisting the tingling sensation now inching its way down towards her lower abdomen. She quickens her pace, struggling to walk in a straight line with this thing attacking her from behind. He laughs this whole time as it it's the funniest thing he's ever seen. Amelia turns the sharp corner and looks around. He's still chasing her, saying sweet things like, "Buddy, come on, slow down," in a teasing tone that assures her: he is flirting.

When Rob is about to go into his class, he accidentally steps on the heel of Amelia's flip flop. She tries to quickly slip her foot back in place, but when Rob sees her shoe fell, he steps on it with his black classic Converse. Amelia attempts to snatch the black Old Navy shoe, but it's too late. Rob's already picked it up and is walking into his English class holding it behind his back. "Mrs. Smith, we have a visitor today," he grins toward Amelia, waiting for her reaction. She sneaks up from behind him and repossesses her flip flop. She has this inflated feeling like she's walking on a cloud and grins the whole trip to her next class.

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