May 10, 2011
By Scarlettsalerno BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Scarlettsalerno BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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It was the summer before fifth grade and all she wanted was softball. Her name, Ashlyn Lozco; she had as much as an appetite for exploring as food. Ashlyn had some kind of appetite, very high metabolism considering she’d play softball everyday almost all day. It’s all she really enjoyed and yearns to play on her school’s team. Her first glove given to her by her father was something she held dear to her; Charlie, she called it. Ashlyn would always say “Charlie, we’ve got this I’m not taking any beef when I get on that field; I’m going to show everyone we can be the best.” Ashlyn was an ambitious girl, as if you haven’t already guessed, her long, dark, brown hair matched the color of her eyes, many pointed out the excessive amounts of freckles on her cheeks, and called her chicken legs.
She went to see her father that afternoon at the lawyer’s office which was only a short bike ride away from her house on the Main St. of their beautiful town, Clifford; to see if he would play catch with her, she scurried in and opened the door right open and hit one of her father’s clients. “OW!” a large thud came off from the man standing behind the door. “I’m sorry, I apologize Mr. Rofner for my daughter’s careless behavior. Ashlyn apologize to this kind man.” said her father. “Sorry Mr. Rofner.” As Mr. Rofner proceeded to leaving the room Ashlyn went right up to her father’s desk and asked, “Daddy, will you come play with me.” Her father responded “Sorry darling, you know I have to work; I’ll tell you what, we’ll play when I come home. Okay?” Ashlyn was excited and responded “Okay!” As she left the law firm, she rode her bike home, but it was getting dark already where had the time gone. “It’s 6:30 already!” She knew her father and her couldn’t go play once he got home because the mosquitos would be out. She had a terrible fright for mosquitos.
Ashlyn entered the big blue house on Melon Rd. which she could call her own, with anger; her mother asks “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Ashlyn says “I just wanted to play catch with dad; I need to get better before softball starts!” Her mother sighs and says “Ashlyn...” Whining, she marched up the stairs to her room and fell asleep weeping in her sorrows. Ashlyn’s father comes into her room at about 9:30 and kisses her lightly on the forehead and rubs her cheek saying “I’m sorry, I promise bud I’ll try harder, I will.” He leaves the room and goes to bed. Ashlyn woke up the next morning and decided to call her best friend Randy who lived next door. Randy arrived at her house and they rode their bikes over to the park. “Are you ready? “asked Ashlyn “Yeah” responded Randy. “So, what happened to your dad? He just got some fancy job and doesn’t play with you anymore?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it okay!?”
“fine with me…. I just wanted to know because I’m worried that you’ll be sad.” He said with a sad and caring facial expression
“Okay, I just feel ignored alright, I miss him, that’s all” she said rushed.
“Maybe if you get better he’ll want to play with you…”
“Are you saying I’m not good?” she said in an assertive tone.
“No, but what if you were amazing and the best, we’ll practice every day until you get better and then he’ll HAVE to come see you.”
“Yeah, I think you’re right” She said gladly.
The next few weeks, Ashlyn and randy would practice from early afternoon to the sunset. Randy usually complained, but Ashlyn got him back by suggesting that it was his idea in the first place. One day, her father came home early and saw them at the park. Ashlyn said gladly “Dad, what are you doing here?” He responded “I’m here to play champ, I know we haven’t played in a while and this is important to you, so I’m going to try and take less hours for a little while, because I love you and I care; okay champ?” “Thank you, thank you, thank you daddy; I love you.” Ashlyn’s father brought his glove and yelled “Hey, CATCH. They all played catch until the sun set. Ashlyn knew that her father given up work, for her, and that was enough to give her strength and continue on to make the team and practice every day.

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