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May 20, 2011
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“Got any one’s, Alf?” Bubble asked me. “Nope, Go Human!” I replied. “So, Alfinzo, got any stories for us today?” Ahab asked, playing his hand. The rest of them blubbered, obviously making fun of me. “Of course he has a story, Alf is the Prince of Tales!” Gil chuckled. “Ha. Ha. Very funny, I do have something to share, but it is completely true. I was there.” So, I began. They were eagerly awaiting my “tale.” This, this is true.

“Yesterday, I was swimming to Mi Agua to eat with my dad; ready to have a great Mexican feast, when I felt a rumbling up ahead. I saw the water ripple, and I swam away, trying to find another route. You see, I hadn’t seen my father in a while, so I was desperate to get there on time. When I turned around, the light was eclipsed. I had no idea what was going on. A big black mass entrapped me. I couldn’t swim out; I was terrified! The black thing, a net, I believe it is called, pulled me upwards, and soon enough, I was out of the water!” Bubbles gasped. I continued on, ignoring the interruption. “I couldn’t breath, and I was freaking out. I was on the side of a ship, just hanging there, awaiting my death. My whole life flashed before my eyes. I could picture the first time my mom taught me to ride a sea horse, and when dad took me to meet the Boatles. Anyway, amidst my panic, I saw four or five men emerge from the ship’s cabin. They were arguing, pushing another, smaller man around. “You caused this storm!” one of them yelled. Another, whom I presumed was the captain, punched him in the gut. I was fading in and out of confishness, but I remember feeling sorry for the man. Obviously, one man can’t cause a storm; only God can do that. Right before I was about to black out, the man was thrown overboard, right above my head. His foot got stuck, and he dragged the net into the water with him. Once submerged in the water, I escaped through the hole he tore in it.

After I had calmed down, I was about to thank him for saving my life. Suddenly, a big whale swam up beside me. I recognized him from my spin class down the reef, and said “Hello, Big Blue!” He didn’t hear me, and seemed to be looking at the floating man, who by now was in complete shock. I swam over to help the man, who was sinking now, and was engulfed by Big Blue, my friend, along with the man. Maybe this guy really was bad luck.

I gained confishness the next morning. I was floating on half of a ship’s steering wheel, in the belly of a whale! I knew it was morning because a stream of light shone through Big Blue’s spout hole. The man was sitting in the corner of Big Blue’s stomach, on his hands and knees. “Please God” he prayed, “it’s me, Jonah. I was wrong. I ran from you. I will go to your people in Nineveh.” Tears ran down his face, and he curled in a little ball. The man, Jonah, was a man of God. I swam to him, and patted him on the back. He was surprised that another life form existed in Blue’s belly...or maybe he was surprised that a fish was patting him on the back. Either one is pretty far fetched to him, I guess. “It is ok.” I blubbed, “God is merciful. He forgives.” He looked at me and smiled. Just then, Big Blue shook. Jonah held onto my fin, not wanting to get separated. The shaking became violent, and we were thrown back and forth against Blue’s sides. We were shot out of Blue’s belly at about 750 bubbles per tide. My fins were fluttering in the wind, and I plopped back into the sea.

Jonah was no where to be seen. I poked my head out of the water, and saw him walking into Nineveh. The sun shone above him, almost lighting his path. I swam home as quickly as I could and phoned my father, apologizing for my disappearance.”

I looked around the room. My friends’ mouths hung open. “That’s it.” I stuttered. An awkward silence followed, then a round of applause. “God is so good.” Gil said. “Amen” said Bubbles, her eyes closed.

After my story, we continued our game. Gil won a round, and then Ahab. As we were about to start our third game, there was a tap on my door. “Who could that be at this hour?” Ahab asked. I opened the door to see Big Blue. “Sorry I am late, Alfinzo.” He said, “I had the worst stomach ache this morning.”

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