When Dreams Become Reality

May 6, 2011
By carlynicolee BRONZE, Placentia, California
carlynicolee BRONZE, Placentia, California
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Dorothy Schlott sits in her room in a small town in Poland in 1964, where nothing important or exciting ever happens, at least not for her. She plays her piano, writing new songs and nearly perfects them. After, she opens the sliding door out to the balcony and star gazes; her very favorite thing to do. Suddenly, her eyes become glassy, and tears slowly run down her eyes dropping off her pale chin. “I miss you,” Dorothy whispers to herself. Looking out at the beautiful stars was what Dorothy and her grandfather used to love to do together. He was the only one she related to, being the isolated, antisocial women she was. At the age of thirty-one, she was lonely. As lonely as it gets. After her grandpa past, Dorothy rarely left the house. Death surrounded her. She once had a lover, James. They were inseparable. He disappeared overseas 8 months prior to Dorothy’s insecurity and isolation began. She holds herself together long enough to make her way into her plain room and pray. Pray that her beloved James is alive. She falls into a deep sleep and dreams of the sea. Every night, she is awakened by her own screaming. She dreams of being pulled under the monstrous waves while out sailing. Looking for her lover, night after night. But, tonight’s different; she’s flying above the beautiful sun-glistened sea. She sails through the clouds above the ocean like an eagle. For the first time in too long, she feels liberated. The wind pulls her hair out of the tight ponytail that she wore every single day. Dorothy was finally free. She gazed down at a sailboat. It was beautiful. As she makes her way down closer to get a better view, she reads the back of the boat, “Dorothy.” Without a second thought, she sails down onto the boat. A man who looks oddly familiar catches her eye. He’s steering the boat. She walks from behind and can finally identify him. It was her grandfather. In disbelief, she wraps her arms around him. But something is wrong. He can’t see her. He can’t hug her back. Dorothy is invisible to him. But seeing her grandfather, even in this dream, was enough let alone. Suddenly, there is a knocking noise coming from the latch to the underground part of the boat. Her grandfather doesn’t seem to hear it, but it was very clear to Dorothy. As if someone was knocking for her. I take ten steps over until I finally reach the latch. She begins to open it and see the silhouette of a man. Then suddenly she is back in her bed once again, awake. But something weird happens; someone is knocking on the door. Dorothy hesitantly walks down the stairs and slowly peels open the door. James is standing there, awaiting his lover that he has long missed.

The author's comments:
When I outlined this short story, it was nothing even close to what the finished product was.

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