The Battle for Trees

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The gloomy greys of bitter winter shine through the aged window. The shaky trees shiver in the cold and I immediately feel sorry for them. My five year old eyes begin to water. I rush to the hall closet and pull two coats off the hooks. I begin to open the door, but feel a strong, warm hand rest on my thin shoulder. I turn and find my father shaking his head. I know that putting up an argument would be useless and it devastates me. I pout back to the living room and pull my eyes back to the window. I soon hear my tiny voice apologizing to the snow white trees. My cheeks are wet with tears and my heart thumps a broken beat. I didn't understand why I felt this way for the trees. I guess that they were always the one's I called friends. They were always the first one's to hear about my "Good Job!" star sticker that Mrs. Hastings always gave me. Whenever I was invited to a birthday party, they would be the first to see the festive invitation. And now here I am, watching them freeze. I begged Mother if I could just give them a jacket that they could all pass around and share. The answer was constantly "no" and "that's ridiculous, absolutely not". I ran to my bed, where my best friends poked at my window, begging for warmth. I knew that, if I ran, I would have enough time to grant it. I rushed to the closet and grabbed two more coats after throwing on my hat, mitts, and my own coat. I swing the door open and dash outside. I run to my friends in need of saving and pull off my jacket. I throw it over the biggest branch and start to yank off my hat and mitts. After warming up the thinnest tree with all of my clothes. I decide that the thicker trees will be just as warm with less clothing. I toss on the two coats on the other two trees and I am finally satisfied and I know they are too. I start to turn with a smile on my face when my father's disapproving glare stops me. I look down, knowing I've failed in keeping my friends warm. He smiles at me and looks up at the now-warm trees. He begins to understand... for he too, was once a little kid with determination and friends.

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musicispassion said...
Jul. 23, 2011 at 12:28 am
u have a talent for short stories i forgot about my book but i'm going to put the first chapter up in the forums and see what people think? I decide to write a short story about the whole end of the year thing with u know who? figured it would be a good story and i changed everyone's names it's funny
CallMeMrs.Batman replied...
Jul. 25, 2011 at 1:41 am
lol thanks. I am sooo excited to hear you are writing a book. I want to know what the name of the forum is so that I can go look at it. TELL MEE!!! lol.
musicispassion replied...
Jul. 25, 2011 at 9:33 pm
i haven't posted it yet i'm gonna look over it
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