Roasting Disks

May 2, 2011
By , Atlanta, GA
The wheels squealed as the car swung around the turn, back tires unlocked and swinging free for the time being. The already warm rubber increased in temperature as it spun in a direction different than the direction it was moving. The car and it’s driver were in perfect harmony as they raced around the track at speeds that would drive most insane. The Ferrari 599XX gleamed in the early morning light. The driver checked his fuel, and decided he had about three laps left. He was going to make these laps count. He increased the speed of the 700 horsepower engine. The sudden turn caused the driver to brake. He could feel as the engine ejected the unburned gasoline out of the tailpipe, possibly igniting on the way out. A voice on his radio said, “Money shot. Great photo right there. I got the roasting disks and everything.”

The driver smiled to himself as he again unlocked the back wheels and began drifting around the turn.

“The brakes might need replacing soon,” The driver answered into the radio.

“Of course they will, you drive with them molten half the time. I think we should give you a car with brakes made of cheese, so you can learn to appreciate a gradual slow down.”

“You wish,” retorted the driver as he zipped across the lap line, finished for the day.

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