A Journey to Fame

April 20, 2011
By Anonymous

I am lying on my bed just thinking. I’m thinking about many things, such as my school life and what I want to become when I grow up, as in a career. My dream is to become a famous actress/singer. I know it will never come true though. I’ve tried asking my parents for an agent to find me auditions but they refuse to do so. I really want this but I have a one in a million chance, as they say, of becoming this world famous pop star. It all started when I was ten years old. I went to an acting class for a while to learn how to become an actress/singer and all the techniques I would need to learn and know. Unfortunately this didn’t last long. I decided to quit eventually because I didn’t like the instructor. I’m still going to classes though ever since I quit the others.

“Mandy!” mum yelled. “Come down here for a second.”

“Okay!” I shouted back.

I walked downstairs into the kitchen, and saw my mum organizing some papers on the counter.

“Good Morning, I’m sorting out the papers you need to sign for high school.”
She pointed at the signature spots on the pages where I needed to sign. I took a pen and began signing my name on every paper. When I was done I walked over to the kitchen cabinets and began preparing my breakfast.
“So,” I said. “Can I please get an agent to find me auditions?” I’ve asked her that question many times before and she always replies with the same answer, “No you are too young to think about that stuff now.” She’s probably going to start going on and on about how I can’t get an agent because I’m too young to be famous and I have to live my life for a bit without having to live with insane paparazzi following me everywhere I go and all the media and press asking questions about my life all the time. My mum tells me I wouldn’t be able to live like that.
“Mandy,” mum began slowly. “I know that you want to be famous and all but what I don’t understand is why you would want that so much? What’s so great about being famous? There’s nothing wrong with it but I’m just wondering why it’s so important to you?” Mum asked.
“Mum, it’s so important to me because it’s my life’s dream. I love singing and acting, it’s such a big part of my life. I don’t have any other dream I want to accomplish other than getting a good education in school of course. This is all I want to be for the rest of my life and I’m so sure about it. Besides my family, friends and education, this is really important to me, having a career in singing and acting. I’ve always loved performing in front of crowds of people, it’s so much fun!” I explained. “and I guess that’s all there is to say really.” I continued.
My mum looked shocked and just couldn’t stop staring at me in a weird expression I had never seen on her face before.
Then she walked over to me and hugged me tightly and said, “I will see what I can do.”
I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that but I guessed it was a good thing. I walked upstairs to my room after eating breakfast, and then walked back downstairs to the kitchen after I spent about three hours getting washed and dressed and finishing off any homework I had to do for the following school day. My mum and dad were talking and smiling while staring at my dad’s computer screen. They turned around to look at me with big smiles on their faces.
“You are going to be so excited! We found you an agent!” mum said excitedly.
“Yes we did,” Dad continued, “and your new agent found you an audition.”
“There’s this new TV show and the directors are casting roles next month,” Mum said.
“The TV show will be called “My Little Secret,” you should audition for the main girl role, the character’s name is Samantha Summers,” Mum said.
“Oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening, thank you so much!” I said. “But how did you find an agent so soon and how did the agent find an audition so quickly?” I asked.
“Well I work closely with one of my co-workers who is also known as one of the best agents anyone could get. So we thought we should hire her and she just emailed us about half an hour ago saying she has an audition for you if you’re interested,” Dad said.
“This is the best day of my life! I am so excited, so what’s the agent’s name?” I asked.
“Her name is Mikayla Jones, but she likes to be called Agent Mikayla,” Mum said.
“Okay I’ll try to remember that, anyways I am so excited for this audition, you know…..If I get a role,” I said quietly.
“Okay, so I bought the plane tickets for Los Angeles and your audition will be in a small town in California,” Dad said.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Dad and Mum,” I said excitedly hugging both of them tightly.
“You’re very welcome Mandy, also your script is right here printed out from the email Agent Mikayla sent us,” Mum said, as she handed me a big pile of papers. “You have to memorize or at least know all your parts for the character you would like to audition for, and also you should practice your vocals because they are most likely going to ask you to sing a few songs for them,” Mum explained.
“Alright, I will try my hardest to practice everything that I am required to know,” I assured.
Day after day, whenever I came back from school, I would always practice my vocals and lines of the script. Then came the day when we had to pack for our flight. I was going with my mum while my brother, sister and dad stayed home. I finally finished zipping up all my bags and cases, then looked around my room for anything else I might need.
“Mandy, get in the car we’re leaving!” Mum yelled from downstairs.
I picked up all my bags and cases and slowly walked downstairs. When I got downstairs I hugged my sister, brother and Dad goodbye and walked into the garage where my mum was waiting. I handed Mum all my bags and cases for her to put in the back of the car, then went to sit in the front. I couldn’t believe this was the day I had been waiting for all my life. The back door of the car closed shut and Mum hopped into the driver’s seat of the car. As Mum slowly drove out of the garage, we waved goodbye to everyone. I’d never thought this moment would ever be possible for me.
After a few hours, we drove into the airport parking, found a spot to park, then got our bags and cases together, and then walked into the entrance of the airport. We walked through the revolving doors at the entrance and headed towards the check-in to drop off our luggage.
A couple more hours passed by, and eventually the plane was ready to board. Mum and I picked up our handbags and headed towards the plane doors after having someone check our passports for the last time. There was a lady waiting inside the entrance of the plane.
“Hello ladies, I will show you to your seats, come this way please.”
When we got to our seats in the first class row we thanked her for the help.
The plane ride was at least eight and half hours long because we lived in Florida so it took a while to travel all the way to California.
After all those long hours of waiting, we finally reached the airport and got off the plane and walked into the California airport. The weather was so hot and we were both wearing skinny jeans with long sleeve t-shirts and shoes that made us sweat in the heat. We picked up our cases, and then walked outside the airport to look for Agent Mikayla who was waiting for us with a big sign that had our last name written on it in big bubble letters. My mum started waving her hands in the air for Agent Mikayla to see us.
“There’s your new agent,” Mum pointed to Mikayla.
Then Mikayla caught sight of us and rushed over with a big smile on her face. None of us had ever seen each other before. Agent Mikayla was very pretty and she had long silky straight hair which made her look like a movie star. She was wearing a hot pink business suit, which looked kind of cool on her. We shook hands and introduced ourselves to Mikayla. She seemed really nice and generous too because she handed both of us gifts. I thanked her kindly and opened it up. It was a light blue bathroom towel with my name imprinted on it in bold bubble letters and surrounding my name were small rainbow stars. I loved it, it was so cool.
“Thank you so much Agent Mikayla!” I said, then gave her a big hug.
“You are very welcome Mandy!”
She looked relieved that I liked her gift. Next my mum opened up her gift and it was a bottle of perfume. Mum looked happy and shocked at the same time.
“Oh my gosh how did you find this? This perfume is so hard to find, I can never find it. This is my favorite perfume in the world! Thank you so much Mikayla, you are too kind,” Mum said in excitement.
“You are welcome, well I guess we should start getting on our way,” Mikayla said.
She showed us to the car and we got in. We drove through the streets of California. It looked like a nice place to live in.
A while later we entered the parking lot of the hotel, then took all our bags and cases out of the back and walked into the hotel. A lady showed us to our room, after we said bye to Agent Mikayla. When we got to our room we unpacked our luggage and then called my dad, brother and sister to say we arrived safely.
Later in the afternoon, Agent Mikayla came to our hotel in a nice limo to pick us up. We walked outside to the hotel entrance and got in the limo.
As we drove to the auditioning place, at our amazement we spotted Katy Perry walking out of a coffee shop. We couldn’t believe our eyes! But we could barely see her through all the many paparazzi following her taking hundreds of photos.
After a half hour or so, we finally reached the auditioning place. I was feeling so nervous, when I entered the building. When we got to the room my mum had to wait in the hall while Agent Mikayla and I walked inside the room. There were three people sitting at one long table with papers in their hands waiting for me to introduce myself. I told them my name and what I like to do in my spare time and other personal information that they asked for. Then they asked me to act out a couple pages from the script and when I was done with that part I thought I did really well. The last thing they wanted me to do was sing a song from “Mamma Mia” the movie. I was nervous while singing because I thought the casting directors thought I wasn’t good enough by the look on their faces. Finally I was done with the audition and after the directors gave their personal comments on what they thought, we left the place and drove back to the hotel.
After a few weeks passed by we got a phone call from the casting directors and they told us to come back for another audition. Agent Mikayla told us that meant it was for a good thing, but my mum and I still weren’t quite sure.
As it turns out Agent Mikayla was right because I ended up getting picked for the main role. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends. Agent Mikayla told us the next big step for our family was moving to California. We bought a plane ticket back to Florida to tell everyone the news and we began packing everything and we put the house on sale. I was definitely going to miss the house, because my siblings and I all grew up in this house and now we were moving far, far away.
Months later when the house was sold, my family all bought plane tickets to Los Angeles, California after we bought a house there. When we arrived there, the rest of my family met Agent Mikayla. Agent Mikayla wanted to give a tour of most of California, so we all unpacked our stuff after choosing whose room is which, and then got in the limo. We all loved the place already.
“Alright Mandy, your new job starts next week, “Agent Mikayla said as she handed me a booklet of the first episode’s script. I couldn’t wait to meet my co-workers.
“So I have to learn all my lines by heart by next week? But this is insane!” I said. The script was huge.
“Well that’s what you signed up for Mandy, so get used to it,” Agent Mikayla said with a smile.
“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied with a sigh.
The following week began and I had to wake up at five o’clock in the morning to drive to the set. The directors wanted to start bright and early. I really hated waking up so early. Agent Mikayla and I drove to the set after I was dressed and reviewed the script for the last time. We got to the set right on time and I met my co-stars. There were two girls that played my best friends in the TV show. Their real names were Abby Williams and Alyson Grill. They were both very nice girls and seemed like they had fun personalities. Abby Williams played one of “Samantha Summers’” best friends called “Brianna Robertson”. Alyson Grill played “Samantha Summers’” other best friend called “Jessie Clarkson”. In the show, they are three best friends that become very close when they find out that some person they don’t know has kidnapped their best friend “Sarah Smith”. Together they try to find clues into who this person is and why they would want to kidnap their best friend. No one knows who kidnapped “Sarah Smith,” but when “Samantha Summers” finds out she is somehow related to the kidnapper, she becomes scared to tell her best friends the news, and keeps it to herself. That’s what’s known as her little secret, which relates to the shows name “My Little Secret.” We started filming later on in the day, and it turned out to be really fun.
On the way back home I thought to myself, I would really hope to become a big star one day and become a very successful singer/actress. So far I had enjoyed the career a lot and hoped to continue the career in the future. All this has brought me so far and I got to meet so many great people on the way. I know for sure that I will be having tons of fun in the future with acting and singing. This journey to fame was an enlightening experience for me and all of the people I had met along the way.

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