A day in the woods

April 20, 2011
By Michael Cree BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Michael Cree BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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When you are in the woods, it is just an overall calming place. I know a lot of people who go in the woods just to see the wildlife. You can walk around in any woods and you will see birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and maybe even a deer. Around Amery you can go walk down the Cattail Trail and see ton a of wildlife. I myself could spend a whole day in the woods. Now that it is spring I am going to be in the woods every chance I get.
Turkey season is starting now in a week so, I need to find where they are. Sometimes scouting for turkeys is more fun than acutely finding them. I think if I could choose to spend any time of the year in the woods it would have to be around September or October because it is like you are in a postcard you see in the stores. The leaves on the trees during September and October are the prettiest colors of red, orange, and yellow. I like bow hunting a lot because it starts in September and ends in November. You spend the whole day in the woods and see deer, birds, turkeys, squirrels, all kinds of stuff you would never see in a city.
I took my friend bow hunting once. His name was Nick; Nick lived in town and has begged me to take him some kind of hunting. So one day after school he and I went out and sat on the big bean field. We were not in the blind for 30 minutes and a doe came out into the field. As soon as she came, she had three little fawns with her. It was so pretty because we were hunting in the evening and the sun was shining on the deer. Then all of a sudden Nick says “look here comes a buck!!” I looked over to the right and a 5 point buck was walking our way. I grabbed my bow and got ready; he was going to walk past the blind at about 30 yards. I lowered the window in the blind. I drew my bow back and put the pin right on the buck’s lungs. I let the string go and the arrow went right over the buck’s back. I was so upset I had missed the deer. But nick was not mad the said he had the best day of his life. I said “well that’s good.” Once we got out of the blind we went over and picked out my arrow, and there was no blood or hair on the arrow. So I know I missed it. When we were walking out of the field I turned around I see a nice 10 point buck standing right in front of my blind. All I could say is “maybe tomorrow we could come out after school and see if we can see him.” Once we got home, we told my mom that I had missed a really nice 5 point buck. Then I told my step dad that I seen a really nice 10 point buck. It was the best day I have had because seeing the look on Nicks face when that buck was standing there was priceless.

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I love being in the outdoors.

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