The fence

March 28, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a dark saturday night at my friend Jordan’s Birthday party. We were playing a game called flashlight tag. The game starts with one person being it and he is given a flashlight and has to run around and try and tag people with the beam of light the flashlight puts out. I could see the light coming closer and closer to me. I started to panic because being it was no fun at all. If you were it all you had was a flashlight no one with you and no one to talk to. So I decided I did not want to be it, so I started to climb over the fence that was behind the thick bushes that Jordan and I were hiding behind. He went first over the fence and like a monkey he was up and over it in just a second. Now it was my turn. It was hard to see where my feet were and where I was putting them. The fence was slippery thanks to the very high humidity Tennessee is know for. I slowly made it up the fence an when I was at the top my foot slipped and I fell down the fence and landed on the ground. I also noticed a cut on the side of my body near my rib cage. I did not think it was that bad. I had cut myself on the top and sharp part of the fence.

As I landed on the ground I heard foot steps coming towards me. Then I heard a voice that said your it. I told him to shine the flashlight on my stomach and when I lifted up my shirt I had a seven inch cut in my side. I walked inside of jordan’s house with the help of Jordan who was helping me walk, and his mom saw me limping and holding my stomach. She asked “what’s wrong”. I lifted up my shirt and she started to scream. The next thing I know I was in the car driving to the hospital. After I got my 38 stitches my mom came and picked me up and I went home and slept. Now I am always careful when climbing anything thanks to that incident. I hope this story will teach you something about climbing stuff and how sometimes it can be fun but sometimes you can end up in the hospital.

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