Dune Walker

April 10, 2011
By Anonymous

He walked across the dunes, his feet sinking down into the ever-shifting placidness. The desert sand threatened to swallow him whole if he stood still for too long. So he trudged onward, sand-laden wind tugging at his clothes and the sun beginning to sink below the ever-distant mountains.
Those mountains that never seemed to get any closer. No matter how hard he pushed forward, they always stood out of reach..
And he would walk, and walk, and walk until his shoe soles wore down to nothing and his eyes were watering with unspoken tears, and yet he still would walk towards those mountains.
The wanderers that sometimes crossed his unbroken path would tell him to "turn around and don't come back."
But he would keep walking, across that desert sea, until those mountains got closer.

The author's comments:
Sometimes I feel, like the narrator in this short story, that my goals (the mountains) never seem to get any closer. But, also like the narrator, I try to persevere.

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