The Jump

April 5, 2011
By , Hammondsport, NY
“Do it” he said those words not with anger, but in a simple way that made it seem inviting. “Easier said than done” I dared not look back at him, into those eyes that tend melt me so easily. I inched my way closer to the edge, and finally got the courage to look down. Wrong decision. The fall seemed to continue for eternity. I quickly jumped back to the safety of him arms just in time to realize he was laughing. I shot him a glare and I saw that he tried his best to stop, but he couldn’t let go of that smirk. “Fine, I’ll go” I adjusted the harness, slowly met the edge once again, closed my eyes, and leaped into the open air. The scream escaped my lips without my control, and my stomach was left upon that ledge. I opened my eyes to see the world rushing past me and soon enough, the rope went tight. My stomach finally caught up to me and instead of rushing down, I was yanked upward. My scream turned from one of fear, to a joyful cry of triumph. When it was all over, I just looked up at him and yelled “your turn”.

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