Beautiful Surprise

March 16, 2011
By xoehsxbabex2012x BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
xoehsxbabex2012x BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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She sits alone in her family’s empty dining room. Just looking out the window. It’s a cloudy day, so she’ll be okay. But Jessie is only ten and it shouldn’t have to be this way. With every breath she takes, the pain fills her chest. Her hair falls onto her shoulders, as she collects it in her hands. Locked in her home because it’s too dangerous for her to leave. The exposure of the sun can kill her in a heart beat. Too young to have to deal with this kind of disease, the rashes remind her once again. She lives the life of SLE, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Missing the days she use to play out on the beach, a single tear falls from her face, then she begins to weep. A moment later, her baby brother walks in, and it breaks his heart knowing a monster is killing her inside. He wants to help, but doesn’t know how. He is only five years old; there is not much that he can do. It wasn’t until later that night, when he came up with an idea. He got his mother and father to help him with his surprise. They worked all through the night, looking forward to see the smile on Jessie face. Soon enough, morning came and the family brought her downstairs to reveal the surprise. Still half a sleep, Jessie didn’t know what to expect. The moment she saw the trail of sand that lead into the dining room, curiosity and excitement exploded through her body. She took one breath and walked through the door way, the beautiful view of the room left her speechless in the best kind of way. The floor was covered in sand, and the walls were painted light blue. The tall, green grass clumped together next to the window, where a single chair sat perfectly overlooking the outdoors. Jessie understood her family did the best they could to bring the outdoors in. The room was such a beautiful surprise; she couldn’t love it any less.

The author's comments:
I read a story about a girl who had SLE and it broke my heart. So I looked up more info about this disease. From that point on, the story just came to me.

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valerie said...
on Apr. 18 2011 at 9:16 am
loved it and so true -- when parent or love one will do anything to make that person feel better and comfortable. great writing


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