The painful loss

March 22, 2011
Explosions flew through the belligentent land, where I lie. I desperately try to close my eyes. I dream of what this land could have been, and it makes me smile just a tinge; A land filled with the pride my nation once had, instead of the despair we face every day. Maybe, one day, this land would be filled with the life nature once granted us, instead of the pitiful hell we live in now.

Underneath my warm blue sheets now barely awake, the sounds of mother’s cries echoed throughout our household. ”Please, don’t hurt my babies, please” she begged. “Momma?” I whispered as I walked cautiously to my bedroom door. Slightly opened, I took a small peak at horrorors occuring in the other room. Two tall soldiers stood on top of momma as she cried, as she tried to reach so desperately for sister as another soldier lay on top of her. Blood poured from both their bodies profusely, staining their shredded clothes and the floor.
The terror I felt was so intense that the fear took control of my body, freezing it in place. Mother’s bloody face turned towards me.The tears that fell from her eyes combined with the blood from her open wounds.I want to help her.I wanted to be the man father always told me to be, but my young fragile body would not allow it. Her eyes became filled with rage; she became like a mother tiger and started to attack the people who were hurting her young. “Run, my child, protect both you and your brother.” Momma said, as sister escaped. It seemed like sister was running in slow motion towards me. Just like mother, her tears were filled with the blood spilled during the brutal attack; her blood stained her tattering clothing that barely covered her body,and her face was as pale as a ghost. She slammed open the door and picked me up,holding me as tight as she had ever held me.It seems as if time had froze, because the scene I witnessed will always be in my mind.

One of the soldiers held a large gun to momma’s head as the other two held her to the ground.She was neither fighting back nor begging for her life, her body already seemed so lifeless. As time slowly started again and my bedroom door started to close, the man slowly pulled the trigger. “MOMMA!” I cried. A loud bang occurred, and I knew my mother was gone.I cried and cried as sister and I headed to the closet. “My brother, you must be quiet or else.We are going to play the game I recently taught you. Do you remember it?”I nodded my head and whimpered a quiet yes. It was her favorite game, hide and seek, so how could I forget?
She wrapped me up in my blanket and placed me gently into the closet. She gave me a simple kiss on the forehead and whispered to me, “Good bye, my sweet brother”. I had a horrible feeling when she gave me that kiss, and I reached out for her hand - but it was too late, because she had already closed the closet door.

Through the slits of the door,I watched my sister frantically look for a place to hid from these men of the devil. But as fate would allow it, she would never find it. The men came running into the room. Sister tried to escape from the window, but they grabbed her.For hours they assault her,beat her, took her innocence away - and I did nothing but watch.Her once beautiful face was now swollen and covered in more cuts,the rest of her tattered clothing laid on the opposite end of the room but her eyes, oh how they were as endlessly empty as the sea. My soul could at least know that hers had left before the rest of the torture could be completed.
The blood-soaked devil’s men grabbed their weapons of destruction and aimed at my sister.I tried to open the door, I tried so hard. Sister had locked the door. Another loud bang was made, and sister was gone. My eyes exploded with tears, I screamed”SISTER!”. As you would know it, my screams were hidden by the bombs that exploded in the sky.

The men placed sickly smiles upon their face, as the blood rushed out of sister’s lifeless body, then they left. I cried for hours in the small tight closet, clawing at the door trying to escape, to tend to sister. “Why must you leave me!?”
Suddenly I heard foot steps enter my lifeless house; I feared once more for my life, like a coward. A white man soon entered my room, his face filled with remorse. “Poor dear, looks no more than 12 years of age.” He slowly approached my sister’s body, put his hand over her eyes, and shut them. “Rest easy child”

As luck would have it, the door finally opened as I leaned against it to hear more of what the white man was saying. I fell to the floor. As any small child would do, I cried for my mother. The man rushed over, and held me tight “Shhh boy, you're ok now.I’m here to protect you.”
His voice was so calming.Never once in my life had I felt so calm in this hell-forsaken jungle. “Don’t you worry son, I’ll take you to a place that is safe.” As he carried me out of the room,I gazed at my sister’s corpse. I said, “There is no place that is safe.This world is made by the Devil, Mr., and he’s going to put us through hell every single day of our damn forsaken life.”
He held me tighter to his chest, and his heart beats made me finally sleep calmly, for once.Ever since I was born four years ago, I have never felt such peace.This man was my guardian angel sent by momma and sister.Though they are gone,I know that this man they have given me will always protect me from the devil , in this terrible world.

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