Midnight Shower

March 19, 2011
By Missa SILVER, Alta Loma, California
Missa SILVER, Alta Loma, California
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First, it started out slow and soft like a mist from nowhere, but then it grew. The light pitter-patter…pitter-patter outside my window lulled me to sleep. All the while, it called me to join. To go out in my black shirt and cotton candy stripped pajama pants at the magical hour of the beginning. Midnight, when everything stands still as if, for a moment, world is put on pause. With everyone warm in his or her own bed, the rain called to me to join in its splendor. I dreamed about the frozen drops pouring down upon my unwashed face and went for it. The rain picked up with excitement and began to pour with the unruly beats of my own heart. Instantly, my entire body was soaked through; numb, but inside there was a raging fire of a thousand suns controlling my every move.
At that bewitching hour, the rain had washed away all my problems of yesterday and carried them out to sea. Once there they would sway with the ghosts of the past. I began to lose the feel of the small rivulets that had caressed my figure. My eyes began to burn less, there was less throbbing to me muscles and my heart had slowed until I thought it had stopped all together. As I stood there soaked, staring through the rain droplets that had formed on my glasses, down the poorly lit street, all I could see was the ever so thin, web-like strands the rain made. At that moment, I felt more alone that ever in my existence. It was not that I was alone, but that no one else would ever feel as I did at that moment. I thought I felt myself begin to cry but I was not sure if they were tears or just more rain.
Maybe the sky was crying for me. It was as if it finally got a chance to share its magic with someone. I tilted my head back and stuck out my tongue to catch the night so it would always be with me forever, not only in my heart but also deep within my soul. As the water slid down my throat it felt hot, I could taste passion, sweet serendipity, and other emotions that hit me like a lightning bolt. Then it happened, it reverted to its lighter, softer self. The bewitching hour was over and all the magic spent.
My clothes of spun sugar and the night sky, stuck to me like a wet leaf as I walked up back up to my room. After I had changed from my wet clothes to my dry, I looked out across the street from my window. All I could see was the dimly lit house across the way and all was back to normal. As I climbed back into bed and buried myself under a mound of blankets, the sky cracked and split apart. Part of me knew the clouds were thanking me for my company and had wished me sweet dreams and the other thought it was a good thing I came in when I did.
That morning no one would know who I was. The magical powers of the midnight shower gave me a new life all my own.

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