"Under the Seat"

March 16, 2011
By aleckkkk BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
aleckkkk BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
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It was another damp and rainy morning and the rain fell on the sidewalk like a hammer banging nails. Lots of men were getting to their work for the day, but not Wesley Johnson, a 24 year old man. He was at home with a sick wife and sad children. He came from Knoxville, TN looking for a better job and then came to Manhattan. Here he settled and got married and had 2 kids, but after 2 days of being a lawyer, he was fired because he was accused of something he didn’t do. That is why Mr. Wesley Johnson was not going to work.

Wesley had a depressed look on his face and asked his wife if she was feeling better, she answered back in a croaked voice “ah…no.” Wesley then walked to the kitchen and his 2 kids asked if there was any breakfast today. Sadly, he said there wasn’t so he decided to go to the store.

When he got down stairs he put on his black hat and his black jacket and went out in the rain. He ran like a cheetah at full speed to catch a cab, but he missed it. He stomped his foot in anger and waited for 5 minutes. As he stomped his foot another cab driver just skipped him. This time it got on his nerves and you could see his face redden and the smoke coming out of his ears. After a few minutes another one came, this one he made and stepped in with a disgusted look on his face. He had just bought that jacket with alot of his money and it was soaking wet.

When Wesley got in the taxi he looked at the taxi driver, who was dressed in black and had dark sunglasses. If you have ever seen a president’s bodyguard he was just like that. As Wesley thought about his appearance he chucked his drenched jacket under the seat. Then taxi driver finally spoke after what seemed like an hour “Make sure you don’t leave anything here, because anything that anybody leaves stays in here forever.” When the taxi driver started to get close to the store Wesley decided to get his jacket from under his seat. When he started to bring out the jacket he heard a Cling, and on his jacket were jewels probably worth millions! Wesley’s jaw hit the floor and you could see the money sign in his eyes like a cartoon. The taxi driver asked, "Are you ok," and he drove next to the store. Wesley answered “yes” and started to pull out money, but the taxi driver said" I'm going to let you ride for free." As Wesley started to ask "Why" the taxi driver said, "You don't have to pay because I drive free on Tuesday's." As Wesley got out of the car tears streamed in his eyes and he started to act happy in an awkward way. When he ran to a wall to see what he got he saw the jewels, but his tears stopped and he made a frown. On one of the 6 jewels there was the phone number. He stared, his mind went blank, and he thought, and the world went flying behind him and he knew he was screwed in one of the worst positions in his life. Should he return the money to the owner or give it to his family? What would he do?

After he went to the store he got into a cab to go home, as he was expecting to see a black suited driver he only saw a normal one. It was a very depressing ride and Wesley kept putting his hand under the seat, thinking there were some more jewels. He had to pay money so he figured that the other taxi driver just had the deal for only his taxi.

That night he laid in his bed thinking about his whole long day. When he fell asleep he dreamed about what decision he would make. First, Wesley dreamed about taking the money home for his family, he imagined the smiles, the house, and the cars. Next, Wesley dreamed about giving the money back to the person, he dreamed of the frowns, cries, and tears of his family. Last, he dreamed about something he hadn’t thought about. He dreamed that the phone number didn’t have anything to do with the jewels and it wasn’t the person who owned the jewels. He remembered what the taxi driver said, “Anything that anybody leaves in here doesn’t get out.”

Wesley woke up sweating half to death. He was about to tell his wife that he found money, then he remembered what his dad told him when he was a kid, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.” Then Wesley decided not to tell her and instead to go lay on the couch and think it out. He laid and thought and sat and cried and finally came to a conclusion. Wesley went to his room and he typed in the phone number on the piece of paper. He typed it in, it rang once, then twice and it was answered. Wesley heard a “hello” in the phone and Wesley said back, “I have found some jewels of yours in a taxi car and I received your number on them.” After a few painful seconds he answered back “Thank you very much”, in an emotionless way. Then the man said “Will you meet me in central park in an hour.” Wesley said, “Yes” and put down the phone. He thought about if he had done the right thing.

On his way to central park he was more anxious than a basketball player that was about to shoot game winning free throws in the championship. He walked to the middle of the park and saw a limousine pull up. Wesley figured that this was the man because it would have to be a rich person to leave that much money under the seat. A handsome man in his 40s in a nice suit walked up to him. As he came Wesley collapsed and cried and told him about his trouble at home and his lack of money. The guy just smiled and pulled down his sunglasses. It was Mac Chechen the British billionaire that lives in New York. As Wesley’s expression was surprised Mac said, “The money was put there on purpose.” Wesley’s expression turned to a confused look. Mac than explained that he was trying to see how an ordinary guy can be honest. This was the first real grin Wesley had on his face since he made the winning catch of a baseball game when he was 12 years old. Then Mac said, “The one chosen was picked randomly and it was for the first person to find it.” Next he explained, “The taxi driver was my assistant.” Last he explained, “I wasn’t expecting you to give it back because my assistant went back to the apartment and learned that you needed the money.” Wesley stared at Mac and didn't move a muscle. Mac then said that Wesley could have the money and Wesley went crazy and yelled with happiness. You could see Wesley’s mind zoning out and hear the loud Gun’s n Roses rock-n-roll music.

Wesley opened the front door to his new life with a smile on his face.

The author's comments:
I thought of something more realistic, and I thought hard and came up with it randomly.

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