How Do I Feel?

March 13, 2011
By Anonymous

How can I explain the way I feel about you? I love your smile- it really is an amazing thing to see. I love how your eyes crinkle in the corners when I make you laugh. One of the best things about you is that you have the same sense of humor I do, and that your mind is as out-of-the-box as mine. I like the sound of your laugh, but I love the sound of your voice when you sing for me. The way you dance... You are such a talented person and you will grow up to be a superstar one day. I just hope you don't forget about me when you do. I like going do things with you like going see movies or going shopping. Not many guys would be up for that. I like how you listen when I talk and how you are so handsome but down to earth. I've never met any one else quite like you. I like how you once told me I was beautiful, and it made me happy when you put your arm around me that night. I think we are close to perfect when we are together. I love you so much because you are an amazing best friend. But I also think I might be in love with you. How can anyone not be in love with you once they know you? You are a gentleman with a good heart. If I'm not in love with you, I want to be. And as happy as you make me, there is an equal part that makes me angry. I hate the things you don't do- you don't ask me out, you don't try to kiss me, you don't boldly flirt with me. I don't think being friends is all that is there for us. You had a girlfriend 24/7 before we started hanging out. We've been friends for six months now and you are all of a sudden single... All this time? I've been single, but that's because my heart belongs to someone else. Even though they didn't ask for it, I gave it to them anyway- they don't even know they have it. Yeah, I may talk about other guys (and girls) but I love YOU. I may be falling, if I'm not already there, IN LOVE with you... Can't you just stop and realize what everyone else besides you sees when they look at us? The way you've talked to me about the girls you've dated in the past made me realize that none of those relationships have started out like us- as friends first. I know you like being my friend, but can't you just show me your true heart? Tell me if the idea of us dating scares you and I will reassure you that our friendship won't ever change. You are everything I've ever wanted in my other half. I understand you might not feel the same way about me, or you might be confused, but I don't believe that you have never even entertained the idea of us going out. Us, when we are together, is a special thing. So, please, just stop being so perfect already and kiss me. Or break my heart so I can get over the idea of us ever being in a relationship. Because I can be just friends with you- we have that good of an honestly awesome time together. But it's hard staying friends when I have that little thought in the back of my head telling me otherwise. It sucks being in love with you, because I don't know if you are in love with me, too.

The author's comments:
A piece of work that neded to be heard...

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