sunrise and scars

March 11, 2011
here it was, the moment she'd been waiting up all night to see. Vera jogged across the beach toward the quickly changing ocean. the fine white sand was damp and cool beneath her bare feet. the morning sun's brilliant rays transformed the ocean's great waves into deep burning reds and luscious oranges as they danced along the surface and licked at the sky like liquid fire. Sunrise was Vera's favorite site at the beach. the pure beauty of it always stole her breath and stopper her heart for the slightest of moments. she couldn't help but think this was the single most beautiful and peaceful thing that she could imagine in such an unpredictable world. she sprinted lithely into the cool, crisp water. the sea spray pelted her skin like tiny beads of salty ice. the gentle waves broke against her body trying to push her back toward the shore. her feet sank slightly into the ocean floor where the sand was smooth with small patches of shells and other sea treasures. the water was nearly to her chest now. she sucked in a delicate, but deep breath and sank below the water's rippling surface into pure, peaceful silence.

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