The Jacket

March 5, 2011
By Anonymous

As I get ready in the morning I give my outfit a hard analytical glare. Is it cute enough? Does it make me look skinnier? Is it the right color for me? When I am satisfied, I walk out the door. Wait! I skid to a stop. I have forgotten the most important part of any outfit. Pants? Nah. A jacket. Yes. A gray, solid, boring jacket. Why you ask? Because, I hide behind my jacket. It helps me to blend in with a crowd, and any insecurities are disappear. No matter that my outfit is great! It is like a security blanket. Look around you! How many kids are wearing jackets? They just want to blend in. I go back inside and grab my jacket so I can blend in with the other kids at school. Then I think about I just said. Blend in? Really? I want to stand out! I love attention and I’m really loud! I have never blended in my whole life! So I put down my jacket and walk out the door. Looking at my watch, I realize I’m really going to stand out at school. I’m going to be ten minutes late!

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