The Animal Protector

March 8, 2011
By griffink BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
griffink BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
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I have been called to a house suspected of animal abuse. As I walk to the house, it is in bad shape. The yard is littered with trash. As I get nearer to the house, a pungent smell enters my nose. I fear for the animals that I will find. I hope that I will find them alive.

I enter the house, and I try not to freak out. The house is filled with dozen of kittens and cats. There is trash everywhere and the stench of urine and feces fills the air. I feel like I am going to vomit.

Through the chaos, I spy two, small fur balls fighting. They are rolling, biting and wrestling with each other. Even though the kittens are in terrible conditions, they are playing. I talk quietly to them as I approach them. Petting them with my gloved hands, we become friends. I pick them up and place them in a pet carrier. I put the carrier in my vehicle. At the shelter, I turn over the care of the kittens to the veterinarian.
Unfortunately, not all the animals would survive. I feel terrible. I am angry with the owner, because he or she did not care for his or her pets. Why would they have so many animals if they were not able to take care of them? Pet owners need to care for their pets.

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