March 5, 2011
By Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
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Scene opens up to a bedroom. There is a textbook on the floor next to the bed, and clothes among other things on the floor. Anna is sitting on her bed reading a book. Dad walks in and Anna looks up at him.
ANNA: Yes, Dad?
Dad looks around the bedroom, then back at Anna.
DAD: I thought I heard something.
ANNA: Like what?
Dad glances around the room once again.
DAD: A thump.
Anna points at the textbook.
ANNA: I think that’s what you heard. It fell on the floor when I sat down to read.
Dad nods and walks out of the room. Anna continues to read her book until the footsteps can no longer be heard. She puts her book down on the bed.
ANNA: (whispering) Okay. He’s gone.
MAGGIE: (from under bed): We’re sooooo gonna get caught.
ANNA: What makes you say that?
Maggie is struggling to get out from underneath the bed.
MAGGIE: Well, how about the fact that you’re grounded, and your parents are psycho-strict?
ANNA: We’re doing something nice for my dad.
MAGGIE: When you’re grounded! (Sighing) Mind giving me a hand?
ANNA: Sure.
Anna gets off the bed and takes a hold of Maggie’s hands and pulls her out from under the bed. Both girls laugh as Maggie stands up. They freeze.
MAGGIE: (grumbling) Not again. Don’t tell me the bed again.
ANNA: (frantic whisper) No! The closet. Quick!
Anna jumps onto the bed again, and flips to a page in her book. She starts giggling, then laughs harder. Her dad stomps into the room. Anna quickly stops laughing.
DAD: Who was in here?
ANNA: No one.
DAD: You’re lying.
ANNA: Dad, who could be in here? It’s not like I have my boyfriend hidden under the bed or something.
Dad walks over to the bed and checks to see if anyone is under the bed.
DAD: What about the closet?
ANNA: Since when are you so paranoid on your birthday?
DAD: Since you got grounded, and since I said so.
Dad walks over to the closet and yanks open the door. He sees no one, closes the door and once again walks out of the room. Maggie slowly opens the closet door. She pulls underwear off her head and throws it back into the closet. As she walks over to Anna, she pulls pieces of paper out of her hair.
ANNA: That was a little close.
MAGGIE: Oh, ya think! I had to hide underneath another pile of your laundry, and God only know what else was in there. I was lucky I lived, let alone get caught.
Maggie shakes out her hair, the last of what else in her hair is gone.
ANNA: So, bed or closet?
MAGGIE: They both suck. Now, are we gonna get your dad’s room all decorated before he comes back, or do I need to do some stretching before I dive under the bed again?
Anna smiles and picks through the clothes on the floor and pulls out three rolls of streamers, two birthday cards, and a box of cookies.
ANNA: We’d better be quick, or we’re gonna get caught again.
Anna sits down on the bed and Maggie reaches for a roll of streamers beside Anna when the door flies open. Maggie jumps forward in her shock and lands on top of Anna, pinning her on the bed. Dad walks in and stops.
DAD: That’s not the picture I was expecting.
MAGGIE: I’m not exactly a boyfriend am I?
Anna laughs lightly.
ANNA: Oops.
DAD: Anna?
ANNA: Sorry.
MAGGIE: Surprise?
DAD: Okay, what’s Maggie doing here? And don’t tell me she was taking the place of a boyfriend.
Maggie stands up, allowing Anna to sit up on the bed.
MAGGIE: Guess you never heard the news did you?
ANNA: Maggie!
MAGGIE: I’m kidding! I’m kidding.
ANNA: We, or I, planned to decorate your room for your birthday this year, because last year, Mom threw you a cheesy barbeque.
DAD: You’re still grounded. Why didn’t you just do it yourself?
MAGGIE: She needed someone to… keep her… she wanted some company.
Maggie starts giggling. Anna ignores her.
DAD: I thank you for wanting to do something nice, but you’re grounded, and not allowed to have friends over. So, Maggie, you have to go home.
MAGGIE: All right. Later. See you at school.
Maggie hops out the window and walks off stage, home to the audience.
DAD: Is that how she got in here the first time?
ANNA: Yeah. I just wanted you to have a good birthday.
DAD: I can understand that. Just do it within your frame of constrictions. Got it?
ANNA: Yeah. Wanna cookie?
End of scene.

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