Cone Pound

March 5, 2011
By PatanRocks1210 GOLD, La Mesa, California
PatanRocks1210 GOLD, La Mesa, California
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In school today my teacher told us about cone pound words. Cone pound words are big words made up of little words. I got a paper with cone pound words like doghouse and sunflower and watermelon. A doghouse is where dogs live. Me and a lot of people live in doghouses because my dog Bruce lives in the kitchen and lots of other people have dogs in the kitchen too. A sunflower is a flower that looks like the sun, and I don’t like looking at them because they make my eyes hurt and my mommy says its bad and I’ll go bind. A watermelon has water in it but the water is pink. My mommy gets really mad when 2 drops of watermelon water gets on my shirt but she’s ok when I get a cup of norman water on my shirt.
After school my mommy took me to Wall Mart. On the road there was a sign that said “carpool”. The car was moving really fast and I couldn’t read all the sign so I remembered what I learned in school today about cone pound words. A car is what people ride in to get to school and work and Wall Mart and a pool is where you swim. So a carpool is a line on the road for cars to go swimming in. I think it’d be cool to see underwater in a car like in the submachines but there’s no animals in a pool except my dog Bruce who likes swimming.
I said to my mom “Can we go in the carpool?” and she turned the car in the line. I was really excited even though there’s no cool animals like sponges and starfishies and squirrels because it’s the pool and not the ocean. But then I remembered that the pool had blue water. Would my mommy be mad that the car got all wet with blue water? The blue water didn’t even taste yummy, and it made me throw up in the summer.
My mommy got the car out of the line and went down the hill to the street with the Wall mart. Whew! I was glad that we didn’t go underwater because my mommy would be too mad to buy me pink sparkle pencils with the green eraser.
I like sparkle pencils and my teacher said they look like watermelon. But it’s not really watermelon, because it doesn’t taste yummy and I’d get in trouble for getting pink sparkles that falls off the pencil on my shirt.

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