I Will Never Let You Go.

March 3, 2011
Rena layed face down on her bed. Her wrenching sobs shaking her fragile body as she furiously hung to her pillow. “WHY?!” She screamed over and over but it didn't seem to help. “Why me? Oh God, Why me?!” A pound came at the door and soon her father stood in front of her holding a duffel bag. She sat up quickly and made an attempt to brush away her tears.
Her father's bloodshot eyes accentuated his stern voice calling out “You have one night to get out of my house,” as he left her room slamming the door behind him. Rena crumpled into a heap on her mascara stained pillow. Where in the world could she go?
Rena must have fallen asleep because she woke up later that evening, around three, still clinging to a pillow. Slowly she raised her self into an upright position. Her reflection in the mirror was so horrifying she stumbled backwards. Her cheek had a bloody cut on it and her tangled hair made a web like frame around her face. Her sweatshirt had a tear at the neckline where her dad had picked her up. Rena sighed and splashed cold water on her face in an attempt to wash of the dried blood. But even after she changed clothes and brushed her hair back into a braid, the long scar on her cheek was revolting. She didn't have much to pack but the sooner she got away from this house the better.
After her bag was full of her few possessions she slung it over her shoulder and headed for the door. With one ear pressed to the door frame she could hear her dad yelling at the game. The Jets were winning; she had better go out the window. Rena's practice at sneaking out came in handy that night as she crawled out the window and crept past the side of the trailer. The brisk air blew her hair into her face as she stared down the road. Shifting her bag onto the other shoulder, she started the long journey ahead of her.
Soon her eyelids began to droop. She hadn't the faintest idea of where to go, or what she would do when she got there. All she knew was that she couldn't go back. There was no place for her in her father's house, nor in his heart. Eventually she came upon a train station. She stood by the door watching people go in and out. Then she marched in, gathered her courage, and asked the man for a one way ticket to Vegas. He was tall and looked down at her as if she were a child. “12.69” He said. Rena nodded and drove one hand into her pocket, then another pocket. She began frantically patting and pulling at her pants, but her wallet wasn't there. She threw her duffel bag on the floor and began digging through it, spilling the contents everywhere. People stopped to stare at the girl having a break down in public, but no one tried to help. The man leaned forward and said, “Ma'am? If you can't pay I'll have to help these other people”. Rena could feel a wall of tears gathering up in her eyes and spilling over the edge. She picked up her belongings and went to sit on a bench nearby.
She sat their crying for several minutes when a man approached her. His hair was dark, almost black, but with a touch of gray. His face was roughly kind, and familiar. “Hey.” He stopped and sat beside her. “Do you need to talk?” Rena immediately thought, OK this isn't safe, he could be a creeper! Then again.... he wasn't asking her if she needed money or a place to stay. She held out her arm.
“I'm Rena Matters”
“Paul Shoke. Come here often?” For the first time that day Rena laughed.
“Oh yeah. Whenever I feel like having an emotional breakdown I come here so people can watch and laugh at me.”
Paul cracked a smile and asked her where she was going. She thought for a good while, until she was interrupted. “Are your shoes really that interesting? Look, I'm sorry if I asked too much. I'm just trying to help you out.” He stood and started to walk away.
“Can I crash at your place?”
He turned, hands in his pockets, “Hurry up kid I don't have all day”. The drive was exceptionally short; however, the silence made it feel as if they had been driving for days. Paul pulled into a driveway and Rena's jaw dropped. He lived in a three story house on the beach! Paul just opened the door and guided her inside. The interior was well designed. He led her up the stories and into a purple and blue room. It had two closets, a bookcase, a mahogany desk, and a queen sized bed. “Make yourself at home. The bathroom is across the hall and dinners at eight.” She ran and jumped on the bed as soon as he left. The sheets were much fancier than anything she'd ever seen! She dug in her bag, withdrew a green flannel shirt, a pair of worn blue jeans, and headed for the shower.
After her shower she walked down stairs, her hair, still wet, hanging loosely past her shoulders. The white dining room walls sparkled as beams of light from the candles hit the crystal glasses. Three people sat at the head of a long table. Paul, a 13-year-old or so girl with chestnut brown hair and a blinding smile, and a boy about her age with dark brown curls and piercing blue eyes. “Please, sit”. Paul gestures to the chair across from the boy. Rena sat.
“My name's Emily,” the girl said, “Daddy's told us about how he found you but I'd like to know about before that”. Rena's mouth opened, and then closed, no sound coming out.
“Let her eat first,” the boy said.
After Rena finished she asked to be excused, hoping to avoid any more interrogation. Paul told her that he would be in his room if she needed anything, and she left feeling as if all eyes were on her. In her room she found a book and began to read about dragons, and princesses. She was at the part where the prince finds his long-lost brother when she heard the slightest knock on her door. The clock said two-thirty. “Hello?” The door creaked open to reveal the boy still leaning on the handle. “Can I talk to you?” Rena wanted to hide but there was something in his face that made it impossible for her to refuse. She nodded. He came in and sat across from her on the bed. “I'm sorry about my sister. She isn't used to strangers. I'm Emitt.” He didn't extend a hand so she didn't either
“I know it would be intruding to ask you about your background, so instead I'll tell you about mine. If you don't mind” Rena scooted over and allowed him to lay down beside her as he told her about his mother who was a roadie for a heavy metal band. Apparently when he was only about ten his mom had stolen him from his dad and taken him on the road with her. He'd had to see some pretty disturbing stuff until the police finally caught up with her and let him come home. He turned his head so he was facing her after he'd finished telling about how his father had taken him back and helped him get back on his feet.
Rena had no idea what to say she kind of felt obligated to share since he had. “My father, the honorable Judge Matters,” she said in contempt, “Is an alcoholic. His co-workers think he's been sober for months but he hasn't.” A single glimmering tear trickled down her cheek. “And when he gets drunk... I try to stay out of his way but sometimes he catches me.” She choked on her words and Emitt pulled her into a tight hug.
“You don't have to keep going, it's alright.”
“But it's not alright!” Rena screamed. “Don't you see! Every day at school people would ask me why I had bruises everywhere and one day I told him. He was the school counselor and I couldn't hide it anymore. I told him everything. He called social services and the set up an immediate trial. Of course my father was found 'not guilty' and believe me he was not happy with being accused of it. He kicked me out and here I am” Emitt gently pulled her back and brushed the tears from her cheeks.
“It's alright Rena. He can't hurt you anymore.” Rena looked up at him with starry eyes.
“Why are you being so nice to me?”
Emitt laughed, “I have a confession to make. My dad is the counselor you spilled the beans to. I'm surprised you didn't recognize him. I go to your school; I'm a grade ahead though so you probably don't see me much.” It all came back to her now, like a hit to the head. Rena pulled him into a hug.
“I'm so sorry. Please don't leave me.”
Emitt held her tight and whispered in her ear, “I've known you for three years now. I've like you for four. Now you’re in my arms, and I will never let you go.”

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