Life and Death

February 25, 2011
Where there is life, there is death. It is something that is inevitable. We can’t avoid death, no matter how hard we try. We may try ‘till we are worn out enough to collapse into the eternal sleep. Well, where would our scientific experiment be then? We’d be dead and we’d have failed. When one person dies, another is born. The Cycle is endless.
On this particular night, a mother dies as her baby, a strong and healthy boy, is born. The mother gives one final scream, one final push, and her life is over. It’s depressing, until we see that little boy in the doctor’s arms. That little boy, with his bright blue eyes and light blonde peach fuzz on his small soft head. That little boy with his mother’s nose and his father’s eyes. It isn’t until then that we realize the beauty of the Cycle. The mother had to die in order for this small, fragile, innocent baby boy to born.
Years later, a cab driver with bright blue eyes and light blonde hair is winding his way through the city streets of New York. The sounds of the bustling city are ringing in his ears from the open window. He quickly rolls it up and turns up the ACDC playing on his radio. Far away, in the woods near a long back rode, a doe is about to give birth to a small fawn. Her mate, a large buck with antlers as tall as the pole of a small broom, is standing off to the side, looking down at her. Vultures are in the tree tops, crowding the family so that, if by some miracle the fawn is still born, they can get to it quickly. The cab driver bangs his head, as if he is performing in a heavy metal concert. He doesn’t see the tractor trailer pulling up to the intersection, or the red light in front of him telling him to stop. He keeps going. The doe is now in some pain as her fawn is on his way out of her shaking body. The driver, with his bright blue eyes and light blonde hair, is now crossing the intersection as well as the tractor trailer. The big Mac truck can’t stop on a dime; he hits the young cab driver. The doe wails. The cab driver bleeds as the driver of the tractor trailer gets out of his vehicle and yells, “Call 911, quickly!” At the same instant that the cab driver’s blood runs out and his heart stops beating, the doe’s fawn is born. The streets of New York are busy and in chaos. The woods near the long back rode are in utter ecstasy, except for the vultures that now have to search elsewhere for their food. They’ll probably go to the city streets now. Another classic example of life and death and then life again.
We cannot avoid this Cycle. The Circle of Life finds us all eventually. All we can do is let the good times roll until our game of hide-and-seek is over. Happy playing.

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taylorgirrll said...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 10:07 am
I love this story I think it has the wright  words so Great good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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