Society's Version of Photoshop

February 17, 2011
By vallery1221 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
vallery1221 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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Everyone is different. We are all unique in every way. If everyone looked the same, the planet earth would be dull. It would be as if you were watching a black and white movie on mute. She is sixteen, perfect t in every way. Just the way she was created. Yes, everyone has their weight problems, but at sixteen going on a diet should be the least of your worries. In society today ‘pretty’ girls are a size 00, in society fifty years ago a ‘pretty’ girl, was a 36’ inch bust, 34’ inch waist, and 36’ inches around her hips.

This poor girl’s lifestyle is being created around the fact that she is ‘fat’ just because she has to buy LARGE shirts, and a size 10 in jeans. There are some people who are overweight, there are some people who do need to go on a diet, but being a size 10 and thinking you are ‘fat’ is beyond ridiculous. Every day she eats salads, she eats no bread, she eats no sugar, carbs, and tries to stay low on her calories. Eating healthy is one thing, depriving your body of the nutrition it needs to survive is taking it over the edge. Looking at a magazine and seeing all the pretty girls, yes they are gorgeous, but they don’t look like that.

Girls compare themselves the girls in magazines. Society is bringing dangers to girls of all ages because of the lies they sell us every day. She is creating a sanctuary for a life she wished she had, by comparing herself to the girls in the hallway, and the girls on the television. Over 50 years ago there was a young woman by the name of Marilyn Monroe, a gorgeous woman, everyone knew her by name. She was a size 13. No, she was not fat, yes, she had curves. When this fact was brought to the girl’s attention, she was in disbelief. She never thought that a woman of such stature would be brought to everyone’s attention, while wearing a size 13 dress. This is what the world has come too.

Girls read magazines; they watch television, believing that if they don’t look like those girls, they are ugly. God created you in His image, stop using Photoshop. This beautiful girl is throwing all of her concentration into becoming ‘skinny’ because she is ‘fatter’ than all the other girls. There is a difference in being skinny and being skin and bones. This girl’s best friend is a size one. She has no curves, she eats constantly to try and gain weight; nothing happens. She hates being her size. She want curves, she wants meat on her bones. There is not a day that goes by where she doesn’t look in the mirror and say, “I am so skinny it is disgusting.” No you are not disgusting, it is just the way you are. Comparing yourself to someone else takes away the uniqueness of you. God didn’t create everyone to look alike.

We are all different. Each and every person has qualities about them that make them shine. All girls are beautiful, no matter what shape or size. Being a size 00 doesn’t make you skinny, and being a size 10 doesn’t make you fat. Today’s society has become a sickness to girls and young women. Blonde, brunette, short, tall, a size 00 or a size 10, these are the beauties of the human race. Being different makes you unique, and being unique makes you beautiful. Everyone doesn’t look the same for a reason.

To look the same is to be the same, and to be the same you have to act the same. This young girl has traded in her greatest treasures in life; she is living under the influence of a magazine and a scale. Society today has a mind grabbing source of psychological torture that is deadening the women of our now screwed up society. There is a reason girls are dying because of anorexia, there is reason girls are shoving toothbrushes down their throats; but there is not solid reason of why our society today should allow this to be okay.

Society has changed beliefs, has changed the rules, and has changed the lives of many individuals. As we grow older, and technology and new ideas come to the surface, change is going to happen. But change is something that can get out of control, and can ruin a person’s life. This girl is sixteen, she is in high school. In a girls mind there are always things wrong with her, she is having a bad hair day, she is bloated, she can’t get her make-up just right; but adding pictures of girls that have been airbrushed and their photos fixed does not give a girl the right mind set. Society changes for the good, but also for the bad. Look at the world from a sixteen year old girl’s perspective and read her top ten priorities. Some of the regular thought of a teenage girl, but some are unbelievably outrageous that even a woman in her thirties hasn’t thought these things.

Remember, that if everyone looked the same it would be as if watching a black and white movie on mute; dull and the least bit entertaining. Being different is being unique, and being unique is being beautiful.

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