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February 13, 2011
The classroom was silent with the exception of Johnny R., sleeping loudly in the back row, and the clicking of pencils and fingernails on the table. The young woman, who sits at the desk at the front of the classroom, stares. The intercom broke the silence with a tumbling noise.
The intercom,
:Ms. Megan Barney, your presence is requested at the front office, please. That is all.
The young woman got out of her chair and walked out. She closed the door, tightly, put a key in the key hole, and twisted it. She walked down the cemented hallway. Ms. Megan Barney pushed her thick glasses closer to her blue eyes.
The front office was a small room with two desks, facing the walls, on either side of the room. The desks were clean with the exception of two piles of red construction paper. The desks were both occupied- one by the secretary, one by the man called the principle.
The secretary, a woman with pink lips,
: Please sit down, Mr. Franz will see you shortly, please.
The man turned around and winked at the pink lipped woman. She fingered the paper on her desk making a crane. She blew it across the room. He un-clasped his gold watch.
Megan remained upright. She shifted her weight.
Mr. Franz, the man called the principle, turned around and scooted his chair close to her,
: Meg,
The pink woman fluttered over to his lap and touched his leg. He touched her leg. He looked at Meg’s nose,
: I need you to do a favor for me.
She folded her arms,
: Alright.
The woman with pink lips took out a tube of ‘Rosemary’s Garden,’ and reapplied her face.
Mr. Franz ran a hand around his head,
: I need you to give me your clothes.
Ms. Megan Barney blinked and un-buttoned her blouse,
: I hope she knows you only like the beginnings of things.
The pink lipped woman hee- haw-ed. The man called the principle unzipped his lavender pump,
: Here you can have mine.
Ms. Megan Barney walked down the cemented hallway. The suit that swallowed her was light brown and scratchy. She re-adjusted the matching tie. She put the key in the key hole, and twisted it. Johnny R was still sleeping.

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natty5 said...
Nov. 20, 2011 at 1:37 pm
I love the last line!
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