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Punk will never die (Chapter 3)

February 1, 2011
By iluvmcr2010 SILVER, Kingston, New York
iluvmcr2010 SILVER, Kingston, New York
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Well it's the end of school and I should be going home, but of course I have band tryouts. So I pack up my Bad Religion backpack, and head to the gym. I get there and my jaw drops, I see Starr! I run up behind her and put my arms around her shoulders.
'Hi Josh' She says, even though I can't see her face I know she's smiling.
' Hi Starr, what are you doing here?' I ask, still with my arms around her.
She takes my arms and moves them off of her, and tucks her long blue bangs behind her ears.
' I'm trying out for Vocals and drums' She said nervously picking at her nails, which by the way are perfectly manicured black with pink tips.
'You sing?' I asked, giving her the are you sure look.
'Yep' she says 'Guess it's my turn'.
She runs up to the stage and starts singing ( and drumming) to The Ramones ' Sheena is a Punk Rocker'
Man I have to give it to her, she is pretty talented. Her hair looks all crazy from her shaking it around ,playing. She looks so cute like that though, never thought I would like someone not preppy and one that doesn't ware dresses and girly things like that.
I look around and see there is no one left who wanted to try out. See if this was a tryout to be Justin Bieber's back-up dancer, the whole gym would be crowded with giggling girls and flaming Homosexuals. Now I give no offence to any of you that like her, I mean him. Its just he's not my style and he is a bit scary. Don't tell anyone I'm scared of Justin Bieber though, please.
So I run up to Starr and tell her she's made the band.
' Oh thank you so so so so much!' She gives me a big hug.
' You are very welcome, you are as talented just as you are pretty' I smile
Her face turns two different shades of pink and I know she's blushing at what I said.
' So, do you want to go see movie tomorrow? ' I ask her.
' Yea sure' She giggles. Maybe she's more girly then I thought, awesome.
' Ok I will pick you up at like 2:00pm, K?'
' That's good' She waves goodbye and heads out the door to her car, which by the way is a convertible with a bunch of band stickers covering it.
Wow that was an easy date, she seem simple to please. Which is nice because I don't have to spend much money on her like I have to do with the preppy cheerleaders.

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