Secound Chances

February 3, 2011
By TabbyRod18 BRONZE, Hutto, Texas
TabbyRod18 BRONZE, Hutto, Texas
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The sky is turning black and red. The wind is blowing everything around me. I am alone. Sadness…sadness fills me head to toe. What happened to me? My arms reach out and search for something…warmth. They search for warmth of…him? No…not him, but her…? Yes, yes that’s it! Her! I’m searching for her, my best friend. My best friend is gone, missing…she left me…Why would she? My face is suddenly very wet…from the rain? From the black and red sky, that cries and bleeds to the ground? No…my face is wet because I am crying. Crying…but why? Because I’m scared? Because I’m alone? Because she left me? Yes, yes and yes…Why? That is the question of the present. The question of yesterday and tomorrow… The question of life. I look up back at the bleeding sky. Then everything goes black and I fall into a deep sleep.
I wake to the sound of someone calling my name. Someone’s crying…me? No…a woman is crying next to me. My eyes flutter to look at a picture. A picture of me…and her. My mind is confused! I thought she was gone? She left me! She left ME!!! Something draws my eyes upward. To her…what is she doing here? She left me! My mind screams in outrage, she left me, she left me, she left me! She says two words. Two beautiful words. She touches my face and whispers… ”I’m sorry.” I’m stunned and too shocked to think… My anger is replaced by joy. She came back! She’s back! I look at her and wonder…Why did she leave? But I don’t ask any questions because she’ll tell me…she’ll tell me when she’s ready. I look at her, “You came back.” She smiles and with that she hugs me and we cry together. We cry until there’s nothing left to do. Until we fall asleep and dream of all the happy moments we’ve had together and what adventures we’ll have together. Why? I ask why because that’s the question, right? Why am I so happy? Why did she come back? But I know that answer…second chances. She gave me a second chance and came back to me. I gave her a second chance and let her back… I let her back into my heart, which is whole again.

The author's comments:
I actually wrote this in Spanish class when I was watching my best friend, Katie, say something to the teacher. I wrote it for my schools short story essay.

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