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January 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Emily has been going to the same school since kindergarten and always had friends. But when she entered 8th grade, things stared take turn in her life.

Things stared when a new girl named Carmella came to the school; she was a very tall and pretty girl. She made friends very fast considering that she was very talkative which made it easy for her to make friends. And soon enough was admire by everybody especially boys and including Emily and her friends.

In the middle of the school year things got very ugly between Emily and the new girl Carmella. It al started when they want to a friends party, Emily was caught making out with Carmella’s boyfriend Jake. And the next day at school things between them weren’t so hot, but what Carmella didn’t know was that she didn’t know what really happened that night at the party instead she trusted the rumors she heard and she didn’t give Emily time not even a second to give Carmella an explanation about what happened that night.

“Carmella can you give me a minuet, I want to tell you about that night at the party, what you heard about me and Jake it’s all a lie”. Explained Emily standing next to the bathroom sink.

‘’ No you had time and apparently with my boyfriend too, I’ve heard enough about this EVENT and YOU,
Now out of my way.”Carmella said walking out of the bathroom and Emily.
“But you don’t know what really happened.”

Over the next week Emily tried everything that would get Carmella’s attention so she could explain things to her and to say she was sorry, but every time she tried Carmella would ignore Emily. Everybody at school looked at Emily weird when she walked. She didn’t want to know because everybody thinks she’s a backstabber and she thought that she is a backstabber and know nobody would talk to her. Now she was a loner she didn’t have anybody to talk to about her problems.

The problem never got resolved ,Carmella never forgave Emily and also Carmella broke up with Jake .Emily want like this the rest of the year until everybody forgot about it people still didn't talk to her. She walked the halls alone and eat lunch alone she was alone all year.

Emily never told anybody about that night and that they were both drunk and that it was a big mistake and she wished it never happened. It was the biggest mistake of her life.

Her parents decided to move, Emily was in a way reviled they were, they moved to a whole different state and it was a new being for Emily.

while Emily was unpacking she was thinking about what she did, teenagers do stupid things like she did and that today’s generation is a horrible place for people like Emily and her mistakes .she just thought better be careful about what you do.

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