The First Step Is Always The Hardest

January 25, 2011
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This is something I know for a fact: technique is what counts. It’s the truth about everything, especially in sports. For me, my swimming stroke technique is what matters. You could practice for an insane amount of time, but nothing can matter more than your technique.

Technique is the ability to apply methods to affect a desired result. To reach that result, you can't just practice. You begin by learning; it’s the first step to everything. Because the first steps are always the hardest, techniques are not always easy to learn. Then , the next important step: practice. As many say, “Practice makes perfect”. It is partially true, the problematic part is that , once again, you can not practice without knowing how, or what to practice.

If you believe it or not, technique is crucial to fulfil your goals. Technique is like the flour in a cookie, you can’t possibly make it without it. You could try to substitute it, but you can not have the same results. Just imagine a world without technique. How would you break the Olympic world record? How could you have your own unique talent? How could you learn to begin ice skating? It’d be a world without succession. You could hold the world record for your 50 yard freestyle’s insane time.But, you can not say your coach has never lectured you on how your arms entered the water wrong or how your legs moved. Factors like those can slow you down, that's why we work on technique: to make your dreams happen!

Swimming has brought me to realize how special everyone is, we all have unique talents. Those talents can improve us physically, emotionally, and many other ways. Just another way to reveal how much we rely on our own techniques.

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