I Had A Dream...

January 23, 2011
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I had a dream. A very strange , life-changing, thought-provoking dream. At first, I was there. I was walking through a luscious forest. It was filled with flowers and little birds flying from tree to tree, merrily singing.

I was euphoric. This place was amazing ! A bird flew down so i held out my hand for it. It landed on my hand. It was a robin. It had a red chest and was chirping very softly. It seemed scared. His head nuzzled into my hand.

Suddenly, there was a huge crash sound and the scenery changed. All the lovely flowers and trees had been turned to black ash. No grass remained. Under my feet, there were just rocks and fallen tree trunks. There were no birds singing, no creatures stirring. The robin flew away. It was as if I'd been thrown into a world that was exactly opposite of the wonderful forest that i had just been in.

The sky had turned dark and there was no sun nor moon shining. A very strong feeling of unease swept over me. This was not a nice place. I heard a noise to my right. It was a very loud bang, like a gunshot. I couldn't see where it came from. Then, the noise came again. It started getting louder and more frequent as if there were lots of guns being fired off. I walked t my right and to where the strange sounds were coming from.

I entered a clearing. It was even darker here but i could still make out the shapes of all the people there. They were split into two groups, one on either sides of the clearing. There must have been atleast 100 people on each side. The two groups were facing each other, shooting. I was terrified.

I tried to step back the way I had come without alerting the two groups to my presence. I was almost out of sight when a huge wolf strode out from behind me, his teeth glistening as he bared them, growling at me. The two groups stopped shouting and turned to face me.

My whole body froze as I got a closer look at each one of the people's faces. One of the groups was full of really thin people. Their clothes were tattered and their hair dirty. They all had strange, identical pieces of cloth around their necks. They had no weapons.

The other group were the cause of the frightened look on my face, my rigid body and the sweat in my palms. They were all very tall and well built. Every single one of them had guns. Not just any guns, these were monstrous, powerful looking guns. Guns that could take down a helicopter.

Yet, that wasn't what scared me the most. What scared me the most was that al the faces were familiar. Not that i knew any of them personally. They were familiar because i had read about these people. I had studied them, seen their faces in newspapers and documentaries. They were all notorious serial killers.

Among them were Adolf Hitler and Jack the Ripper, along with others whom i had seen in tabloids or on crime watch programmes. And all their guns were pointed at me.

Before i had the chance to react, there was a loud crashing sound and the scenery changed again. This time, i wasn't in the forest at all. I was in some place in the Antarctic , i guessed. I should have been cold as i stood there in my jeans and t-shirt, looking around at this white enchantment.

I looked to my left and what i saw broke my heart. It was a family of polar bears, a male, a female and two cubs. They were all standing on a piece of ice that had floated into a giant body of water. I wondered how they could possibly still be afloat, as the piece of ice they were standing on was not very thick. It seemed that the laws of gravity had heard me, because the family of polar bears began slowly sinking into the cold dark hell. As i watched on in horror, the icy water rose and swallowed the polar bears. The water continued to rise until i too was being dragged into it. My last glimpse of that world, was of a far away city disappearing under the incredible wave to it's doom.

The loud crash noise came again and i was suddenly in a dark room. the room was empty except for a pile of cloth in the corner. I walked towards it. As i got closer, i realised that i had been mistaken. It wasn't a pile of cloth. It was a young girl, curled up in a ball, hugging her knees.

She must have heard me coming as she looked up. Her blonde hair was a mess. She wore a shabby, torn dress and her feet were bare. I can find no other way to describe her face, then that of a fallen angel. Her eyes were filled with tears. I felt compelled to try and comfort her. I crouched down beside her.
"Why are you crying?" I asked.
She looked away and mumbled, almost inaudibly
"The world is so wrong".

I awoke with tears streaming down my face. After that night, i began to change my ways. I watched what i was saying, treated people right. I always did my best to preserve the environment, to ensure my dream didn't one day, become a reality. The earth if a very fragile thing. If we don't look after it and the people on it, how is it meant to survive?

That was the night when i turned over a new leaf and my life has never been the same since.

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DanielleForTheWin said...
Jul. 16, 2011 at 4:10 pm
I've just noticed alot of mistakes in this :O I apologize viewers :)
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