Highschool Shootings

January 19, 2011
By SDF97 BRONZE, X, New Jersey
SDF97 BRONZE, X, New Jersey
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"Come on Scott," Scottsdale mom shouts, "remember your New Years revolution, not to be late!"


Scott runs down stairs to go to school. His mom is waiting impatiently in the car. When he gets to school, he sees these weird kids with long black jackets and black sun glasses. One of them is in Scott's math class and rarely talks.

Scott sees these kids in the corner of the lunch room, with papers, discussing something. When the day is over Scott is very puzzled about these kids. Scott had a lot of homework that night so he had to focus on that.

A week goes by and Scott doesn't see those weird kids today. He goes to his first class, second, and third. Scott and his friends are late to fourth period class, he notices that the hall ways are very silents. Suddenly, Scott hears a loud scream from down the hall way. Then he hear from the pound speaker,

"Full lock down, not a drill!"

I had no clue what was going on. Then I see the three weird boys walk out of a class room, with heavy assume rifles. They see us and shout,

"Hey, don't move!" Stupidly my friend try's running and they shoot us. I shut my eyes my whole life flashed before my eyes. Ten I didn't feel anything, my eyes are still closed I couldn't open them. Then I reloads I wasn't shot, so something popped in my head that I should play dead. So I fall to the ground, laying I my friends blood. I can hear them next to us I was p,rating that they wouldn't delist that I wasn't dead. They kept walking. I wait a while then I open my eyes, the coast is clear. I slowly get up and go out side the school.

When I go out side, there is about 20 cop cars. I scream,

"Don't shoot!" I run to the nearest cop car. They asked me if I was ok and asked me what is happening. I said that they killed my two friends and they have heavy duty assume rifles and that I tried playing dead to protect myself. They called a SAWT team to come in and stop them. They brought me to the ambulance and they brought mr to the hospital to check for some internal damage.

Later that day I found out I was fine and a news crew was coming in to interview me on the tragedy. When they came they asked questions like what happened, then I said that I played dead to fool them. After the interview they said thank you and left. The next day I was on the news. They showed my interview and they called me brave, smart , and a hero. The phone rings a little later the phone rings it is NBC News station asking if I could come to New York to be in the Today show. I got to New York and I got there put weird make up on and immediately went not the show. They asked me all these questions like what was your thoughts and that, when I got to the part were I play dead, they were astonished that I could think of that in that instant second. I said that it was a puppet and controlled me to play dead. When it was over, and when I was walking out of the studio. I thought to my self, that If I didn't play dead I would have been dead and that I was in one of the top of the biggest tragedy I American history.

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