765 JLT

January 17, 2011
By erinnmae19 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
erinnmae19 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Bang, Bang, EEEEEEK. 756 JLT. 765 JLT. 765 JLT. That night continuously plays in my mind as a broken record. D’Shaun, the man rampantly murdered right before my eyes. He was murdered for the inane reason of looking at a man the wrong way.

In my head I contemplated whether to admonish D’Shaun of the car speeding closer and closer to him. All the windows rolled down with shiny silver rods poking out, waiting to hit their victim. 756 JLT—a big black SUV skids to a stop as I stand frozen in the alley way. A series of bangs and D’Shaun was flagrantly shot down. Left dead on the curb. How could it be that two seconds ago he was laughing with his friends? The culprits sped off with their music bumping and not a hint of regret in their eyes. D’Shaun.

I later talked with my friend about informing the cops about what I knew. My ethics swayed me in the informing direction. I was to do my part in finding the man, she also concurred that informing the cops was best for D’Shaun. His family deserved to have closure. 756 JLT.

I walked into the police station, my eyes darting to every cop. I was nervous as if I was the guilty one. I had my inexorable desire to inform them and put the men in jail, they deserved to be punished. The sheriff took me in his office clandestinely to protect me from the men guilty of this crime. I began explaining what I saw that night. I felt the duress of the whole event lifting off my shoulders. I felt D’Shaun thanking me. You’re Welcome.

RRRRR, RRR, RRRR. Weeoooo, Weeooo. The police cars take off. They have got a hit on 756 JLT. My heart pumps faster and faster as the sheriff waits in his office with me. I am to identify the culprit behind the one way window. My palms start sweating my heart is racing. I’m going to pass out. Then D’Shaun, I see him, he’s smiling. I slowly announce 7. 756 JLT. He was the one—the man with the shiny rod that took D’Shaun from the earth. I assisted in finding him.

His family hugged me. We all cried together. I did what was right. I put the culprit in jail—I put his family’s questions at rest. D’Shaun is finally as peace. 756 JLT is no more.

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