Her Ways

January 19, 2011
By shannaw708 BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
shannaw708 BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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It was late. Not much was going on. Her brother was in the bathroom, doing god knows what, and her parents were downstairs watching Jeopardy. And Lila, well Lila was sitting in her room, with a razor in her one hand and her other arm in the position that you would see the guys at school doing to show there “guns” off to all the girls. This time it would be a staple. The packet she had torn the staple out of was thrown on the floor in disarray. The words on it were gibberish to her, it was supposed to be a simple study guide, but due to her dyslexia she had little idea of what it said.
She looked up to check that her door was locked so no one would barge in on her and think she was mental or something. It relieves the pain for a while, that’s all I need, she thought to herself. She took the razor and pressed it against the skin above her elbows inner crease and pulled the razor along to get an open gash. Blood began to drip out of the wound from all angles and sides. She took the staple and pushed it inside of the wound, feeling a sense of releif, like nothing could take this moment from her.
Her solitude was broken when her phone began to buzz in her pocket. She knew that only one person would be calling her at 8 o’clock on a Saturday night. She knew it was Nate. She answered it, before she could get a word out he was saying something.
“Hey Baby, What are u doing tonight?”
“Not a damn thing, just sitting in my room by myself.”
“Well I say that u need to get your sexy a** ready cause I wanna take you out!”
“Nate, where do u wanna take me?”
“Just to the mall, and then hangout here for a while.”
“Alright. Be here in 10 Hun”
“Will do! Love you baby bye!”
“Bye Nate!”

She hung up the phone and giggled a little. He always was the sweetest boy ever to her; he thought the world of her. But he still hadn’t found out about the embedding. She hoped he would never find out that she was doing it again. The embedding knew about him, boy did those shards of metal, staples, and crayons know him. They dug deeper in her each time he was pressed against her. It actually caused her pain. She really didn’t know why the embedding felt so good, it just did. She had promised him she would stop; she didn’t stop. She covered the wound with a band-aid so it would close sooner. With a towel in her hand she wiped the blood that was dripping off her arm. The once silver razor blade was sitting on the bed beside her; right now it was crimson, covered in her dark blood. Wiping the blade off she stood up and walked to her mirror.
She looked her self up and down. Seeing a five foot five girl with a small nose, rosy red lips and cheeks, big green eyes, and fiery red hair; she wore a green tank top that matched her eyes perfectly and a snow white zip up sweatshirt over it, her jeans had little tears in them and green converses had seen there better days. She saw nothing extraordinary about her. The only thing that could make her stand out was the fiery red hair that she had, she dyed it that color to make herself stand out, and maybe even make her prettier.
There was a knock at her bedroom door. She quickly grabbed the towel that was wrapped over the blade and shoved it in her closet. She unlocked the door and opened it. She saw a six-foot guy standing in front of her looking down at her with his beautiful grin, that showed his white teeth, and his big blue eyes that seemed to captivate every girl’s heart. But yet she captivated him. She didn’t see how it was possible but she was going to take what she could get.
She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight.
“Well hi to you to baby” he laughed.
“ I missed you, I haven’t seen you all week, I hate that you are in college now. Its no fair.”
“ I know, but next year you will be with me in college.”
Ya, if I make it to college, she thought.
He turned and tried to grab her wrist to pull her downstairs but grabbed her elbow instead. She let out a screech that she meant to hold inside. His gaze drifted down and his eyes laid upon hers, his eyes were filled with shock; her eyes pleading for him not to say something and just let it go.
“Lila, You promised me!” He pushed her sleeve up and ripped the band-aid off. She gasped, feeling the band-aids grip on her skin. “Lila, how could you? You told me that you stopped. You told me you were better now.”

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