School Letter

January 14, 2011
By Quist22 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Quist22 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear School Board,

This new policy could potentially have a pernicious effect on the school. Students at this school have a paucity of dress clothes, and would not want to go out and spend hundreds of dollars for school. Many students tolerated the inappropriate clothing, or hats in school dress code adjustments last year, but this shows how acrimonious the school board is. Because of this policy, students are beginning to fill out transfer forms for other schools, and some are distraught.

Please rethink your way of construing discipline for students, and get rid of this new dress code. If nothing is done in our favor, students in this school will give the School Board egregious looks and never forgive you. However, you can drop this idea of the dress code and students will place you in impunity for the rest of the school year. So please think of the school and not the work place.



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