How to manage stress

January 14, 2011
To students about to enroll in high school, this memo will outline ten steps to eliminate tension from your lives. I managed to be successful in high school with a full class load, and a job while maintaining a 3.6 GPA. School is not malignant, and will cause you no harm by following these steps.
No need to fret upon homework, there are ways to get through the day.
Be your own harbinger; don’t wait until the last minute to get something done.
Being ubiquitous is impossible, manage your time well.
Take a breath; it will respite the excruciating pain of your stress away.
Learn to multi-task, it will help you thwart homework and get things done.
Find a remote area when studying, to insure you will not be bothered.
Don’t succumb to peer pressure, it will not accomplish what needs to be done.
Leaving thoughts from a bad day reverberating in your head will cause you a headache
Ask for extra help if you do not understand something.
Have fun, make friends, and enjoy high school.
Through my time in high school, I made this list. It will guide you when you do not know what to do. I hope it helps you. Enjoy this year in high school, and live a healthy life.

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