Late Nights

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous

One spring morning in Chicago, Jacqueline, a beautiful young woman with long brown hair, wearing a floral maxi dress was gazing out the window. She was relaxed and at peace with herself, but all that changed when the phone rang and her two year old son, Andy, woke up from his nap. Her husband, Rick, called and told her that he would not be coming home until later that night. She sighed, but continued with her everyday routine which consisted of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Andy. Since it was the late ‘90s, it was normal for a woman to stay at home and not have a job; but something within her wasn’t right.

Rick and Jacqueline were high school sweethearts. They won prom king and queen, and their relationship was envied by many. Rick was the quiet, mysterious senior and Jacqueline was a junior who was involved in every activity and excelled in anything she set her mind to. She always aspired to be a nurse. Though their relationship seemed great to everyone, it was not always perfect. They broke up three times and had multiple pregnancy scares. However, she counted on him for everything because he was pretty much the only person she had. Her parents passed away when she was young, and it was a still a mystery how she even came into his life. Her friend Brooke and her family took care of Jacqueline. They became close, practically sisters.

The night of graduation had changed the rest of her life. Jacqueline found out she was pregnant. She received a scholarship to one of the best nursing schools in the country, but she knew she couldn’t handle the pressure of raising a child at nineteen and pursuing her career.

After the baby was born, their relationship was at its best. Rick became a realtor in order to support his family and Jacqueline stayed at home with Andy. However, things started to change after Andy turned one. Rick began working longer days, leaving Jacqueline to the same boring routine. She was always home alone doing all the work and raising Andy be herself. She would always think of what her life would be like if she hadn’t gotten pregnant, but she quickly reassured herself that Andy was a blessing.

Some days her best friend, Brooke, would help her out.

“You look so old and you’re only twenty-one,” said Brooke.

“It’s because I’m exhausted, Rick has been working late nights. I’ve been having to do everything around the house,” explained Jacqueline.

“What realtors work late nights?”

“Hm. You don’t think he’s cheating on me, do you?”

“I don’t know, but I can go spy on him for you.”

“That would be great! Thanks. I sure hope he isn’t.”

A few weeks passed and Brooke attended a third open house hosted by Rick. She told Jacqueline that she needed more evidence. Back at home, Jacqueline was feeling sick and assumed she was pregnant again. Since she didn’t hear back from Brooke, she took a trip to the doctor’s office and they told her that she was pregnant. She was overjoyed and had decided to go tell Rick. When she got to the open house, she saw that no one was there. She heard something and went upstairs to check what it was. She opened the bedroom door and found her best friend and husband under the covers. She let out a scream of pain and betrayal.

Since she was a strong, young woman, she confronted them immediately.

“How could you do this to me? I gave up my lifelong dream to become your wife and a mother to your child. I dedicated all my time to raising our child and keeping this relationship while you’ve been fooling around. I should have known from the beginning, but I guess I was blindsided by all that we’ve been through and all you’ve done for me. My life could have been so different, but Andy is such a blessing to me and you have taken us both for granted.”

That day, she lost her husband and the only other person she could turn to.

Two years later, Jacqueline is living on her own, raising her two little boys while attending nursing school. She is happier and more independent that ever. She will never regret what happened to her in the past because it taught her a lot and made her the woman she is today.

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