Ghost Hattie

January 7, 2011
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The auditorium was now desolate. Everyone had gone to the comfort and light of the gym. For the next hour and a half we sat there just waiting. Just waiting for the unspeakable to happen and to be scared out of our wits. Again.


Every year our science club has an annual “ghost hunt” that they always seem to find some new ghost. The hunt started because of the rumor of “Mr. Dominguez”, who was a principal 5 years before. He loved the school and it is said that he stays at the school watching over the kids and staff. He mysteriously died 5 years ago. All of the stories describe a mysterious man in a blue suit, and blacked out face. One of the stories happened summer of ’09, while the school was getting renovated.
Construction workers started making a new wing for the school. Everything went dandy until near the completion of the project. The workers went to their bosses and said “Why do you keep watching us while we work, do you not trust us?” the boss exclaimed, “I have not been watching you, I trust you. Maybe the school doesn’t?” Then the workers headed off to the current principal and they said again, “Why do you not trust us?” the principal just said, “I trust you completely why do you ask?” The workers now with a worried look on their faces just quickly said, “No reason, no reason at all.” The workers had been seeing a man in a blue suit on the roof, motionless, and eerie. This wasn’t the only story however, he has been spotted many times, sometimes sitting in a chair, or at his desk or smoking one of his cigars. He has even been spotted watching a TV that mysteriously turned on.

Another “ghost” was the ghost dog that roams the school in the dark depths of the night. When he was first spotted the students heard collar a jingling so they went after it and then the noise started to get faster and faster while the kids frantically searched for the dog.

The final ghost is somewhat strange. It is a ghost that mysteriously looks and acts like one of the students at San Jacinto. Their name is Hattie. She is a short, blonde haired, Caucasian little girl whos never without her Converse. The ghost has been spotted with the same looks and it even acts like she does. Hattie is involved heavily in theatre, and orchestra. So is the ghost. The ghost has been spotted acting out a play, walking around the orchestra hall and running around the 8th grade hallway. She was first spotted in 2009 by a previous 8th grader during their ghost hunt. The first spotting she was walking around the orchestra room and in the next hour was spotted around the 8th grade hall.

I didn’t believe in any of it. I thought it was all a joke played by the staff and the older kids.

I thought I should go just to prove every one wrong. The hunt started at midnight. When everyone was present, it all started. The costume contest that is. After that nonsense we did other stupid party games that was just stalling for the real reason that we were there. After the two hours of games we went off to the auditorium to listen to the staff’s ghost experiences that they had at the school. The entire time my friends and I kept saying and hearing talk like “I’m not scared of anything,” and “Ghosts aren’t real.” After the stories we had to have a lecture about safety. While everyone slumped back into their chairs and tuned Coach Cowdrey out while he rambled on about windows or something. After the lecture we formed into groups to start the hunt. While the decibel level slowly quieted down, Coach sent us off on our ways with our red-tinted flashlights. Everyone moved off except our group.
We stayed back to see if any ghosts would come back to the auditorium once all the commotion died down. So we waited, and waited for what felt like hours. Then we heard a gradually increasing sound of footsteps. Everyone looked around to see if it was one of us. It wasn’t. We looked to the stage to see if one of the teachers or staff that was just checking up on us or if it was someone playing a trick on us. It wasn’t. We just sat there with worried looks on our faces. Through the darkness we saw feet. They were brightly colored hi-top shoes. But it wasn’t any ordinary shoes, they glowed faintly. The shoes were then connected to legs. Which were connected to a torso. Which connected to a head. We sat there with our mouths dropped on the floor. The girl then looked around and sat down on the stage. Some of us thought that it was an illusion, but it was just too real. Then we thought well it could just be Hattie coming to join our group, but then we remembered, Hattie was in New York for a family vacation. Our mouths dropped even further down while we were all getting seriously freaked out. We couldn’t believe that not only the ghost story was true, but she looked exactly like Hattie. Not just any small little girl, no this was an exact replica of Hattie. We sat there finally taking it all in, adrenalin still pumping through our veins. Our bodies keep telling us to run away and forget about it, or it isn’t real. Some of the people in our group were going in to hysterics. As we sat there just watching her sit there and look around, she slowly started getting up and walking away. First her head disappeared, then her torso and arms, then her legs, then her Converse wisped away, and it got at least ten times darker. We all swiftly walked away to the safety and comfort of the only lighted room in the entire school. Gym A. While all of the other kids tried to talk to the ghosts and sat there in the dark. We paced the gym trying to decide what actually had just happened.
At about 4 o’ clock the students started coming in to the gym disappointed and talking like nothing had happened. Because nothing had while we were getting scared out of our wits, none of the groups found anything. Some heard some noises but those were probably just the walls creaking. They all were laughing and joking around until they saw our faces, some of them asked what happened and we all told the story and slowly all of their smiles vanished from their faces. Now everyone was freaked out, even Coach. Of coarse some of them didn’t believe us but we told them to believe what they want. We know what happened.

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Average_Wizard said...
Jan. 13, 2011 at 9:06 pm

Gave me chills!!!!!

Worse than that time I found baby doll parts on the roof of my school . . . :D

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