The Truth About A Misunderstood House

January 7, 2011
By Amanda Torres BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Amanda Torres BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Some people swore that the house was haunted, but my opinion was unlike of what others believed. In my eyes, this house had meaning. I knew it was there for a reason and I was the only one in town who saw beauty within that house. It was a feeling no one that surrounded me felt. So as to, that left me the only one who would pass by and not get chills because of its supposed “frightening look.”

I had felt the need to enter this house, and figure what it was really about. I did not bother on telling anyone on what I wanted to do. If I did, they would have given me a ridiculous reason as to why they believed going in this house wouldn’t have been a pleasant idea.

Before the day that I proved a myriad wrong, I stood and walked around the empty house and started glancing at every detail that could be seen. Miraculously, I found a wooden chair. This wooden chair that was nearly falling apart give me the advantage to sit outside, at least. After a few minutes then, I started sketching the real beauty of this place. I wanted to get every detail because every detail was indeed, picturesque.

A true inspiration it was and if there were a place where my mind would be at ease, it was there; in that house that people swore was haunted.

I imagined this house without what it already had and wondered what people would have thought if it looked any different. That is, without all the trees and everything that gave it the unique look that it naturally had . Most likely, they would have seen it as any other place to live in. Criticism would have not been made and and judgment would not be as bad as it was.

Consequently, the same day that I was sketched this scenic house, I decided to do what I was anticipating the most.

I entered the house.

A “No trespassing sign” was no where near. Therefore; I was not worried whether I was doing something illegal.

The door did not have a lock and that gave me the advantage to open it without any trouble. When I did, I couldn’t believe what I saw and I was definitely in awe.

The antiques, pictures, frames, and everything possibly imaginable is what I first noticed. It was intriguing, and it hit me that what everyone else thought was a complete myth and how sad it was that they would not give in seeing inside the house, a chance.

Then, I found something that no one else knew existed in the house. I found something people would have probably loved if they had known it was in there, and opinions would have definitely been changed.

A treasure with objects inside worth millions of dollars is what I found.

I, the only girl in town that swore this house was not haunted, was indeed right. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and a thought suddenly shook me.

“Should I tell people?”

I decided not to tell “people” but I did tell someone of whom I trusted with everything I had. It was my beloved uncle. Sadly, he did not live in town; therefore calling him was a big deal. However, I did not let anything stop me, and I called him anyways. I told him, and two weeks later I was on the cover of the newspaper, on news channels, and everyone was talking about me. I did not know whether it was good or bad but honestly, I did not care.

This house did have value and I ended up proving it to everyone in the end. Opinions and thought’s changed in a matter of days. And nothing was ever the same after that.

The author's comments:
People tend to judge a book by its cover more and more each day. They do not take time to know the truth and with one single look, they think they know it all. It can be about a person, a place, or any object. This is what inspired me to write this short story.

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